10 Instagram accounts to follow for a daily dose of motivation

While social media can admittedly have its flaws – it can also provide a safe space for support, inspiration and motivation – which we all know can have a positive impact on our mental health.

Add these to your feed for a daily dose of relatability.

For a shot of PMA with your morning coffee @clementineappuk

If you haven’t downloaded the Clementine app yet – you’re seriously missing out.

With five-minute meditations and daily mantras, it’s just enough to get you going when your day seems overwhelming. Follow founder Kim Palmer’s motivational musings on this Instagram account – perfect for when you need that extra boost.


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I’m doing lots of reframing this week. I’ve been in a bit of a funk. Lot’s of negative chatter has been plaguing me. So I reset things over the weekend and started with changing the language I was using. So rather than ‘it’s too hard’ or ‘we just don’t have the money to do this’. I’ve reframed my mindset to I can, I will, I am capable. Then I’ve started my thinking with ‘what if?’ Vs ‘we can’t’. These small changes have already started helping me to see different solutions to problems. I’ve also setup a whole bunch of new mantras in Clementine app so they pop up to remind me. Check out my stories from last night. I also hadn’t realised how stressed I was about a couple of meetings this week. An investor chat and a conference where I’ll be talking to 300 people. Yikes. What’s the week ahead looking like? Kim x Pic by @heyamberrae #mantras #reframe #reset #positivemindset #clementineapp

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For a quick confidence boost @i_weigh

iWeigh is a brilliant movement kick-started by TV’s Jameela Jamil.

The concept is simple – share a post celebrating your self-worth – not what the scales say. It will certainly make you think twice about how you describe yourself.


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#iweigh ❤️✨ #selflove #bodylove #lifepositive

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For a career pep-talk @ariannahuff

All hail Arianna, the Huffington Post founder whose ‘Thrive’ movement is dedicated to reinventing workplace ethic and ending the “burn out” epidemic.

Wishing we had a boss like her long, long ago.


For when you need all the compliments @jvn

Frankly, your life will be so much better if you follow Queer Eye’s “Fab Five”, but we’ll start you off with the wonderful Jonathan Van Ness, whose happy, positive vibes are totally fabulous and  infectious.

For shiny, happy people @emilycoxhead

If inspirational quotes and illustrations are more your thing, Emily Cox is your woman. Founder of quarterly newspaper The Happy Place, it can’t not make you smile.

For facts, figures and females @hellosunshine

If mind-blowing stats about equality float your boat and you love reading about inspiring women, don’t miss Hello Sunshine. The feed follows the stories from the female-focused media news outlet, founded by Reese Witherspoon.


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#MondayMantra ?

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For mindfulness and motivation @breathing.tree

You’ll find it hard not to repost every one of Breathing Tree’s motivational posts. Run by founder, breathing coach and workshop leader Rebecca Dennis, it’s like a life coach in your pocket.


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Empower the women around you. Social media is scary how much it influences young girls and women of what success is. Bullying, self harm and anxiety has gone to another level with the next generation. Going back thousands and thousands of years the role of the female in the past was much more powerful than we give it credit for. What sort of an example are we leading? How can we help reframe that? When did women stop empowering women? All these filtered lives making women and girls feel somehow less than. I find it shocking how the tabloid press are still putting down women for not being thin enough, fat enough, being a diva, not been a diva enough, been a slut, being a prude, being too loud, being too weak, too emotional, not emotional enough, having children but working, having children and not choosing to work, not wanting to have children and have a career and child free life! There’s enough room in this world to be whole without putting each other down. There are plenty of female journalists writing this shit as well!! Just don’t buy that crap and let’s encourage each other to listen to each other more and praise each other rather than being competitive and cutting each other down. There’s a lot to say about the old patriarchal society but the old matriarch also has a lot to answer for. I’ve been sitting with this a lot lately, women being betrayed by women and healing the wounds around that. Real queens fix eachother’s crowns. Allow the wise woman to be your inner voice and guiding light. I am certainly trying! #andbreathe #sisters #support #community #tribe #raiseyourvibration #allowthewisewomantobeyourguidinglight #feminineenergy

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For badass business support @karren_brady_official

You may know her from The Apprentice, but Baroness Brady’s career defined success long before the boardroom. She’s now worth a whopping £85 million but is still passionately dedicated to championing women in the workplace.

For thought-provoking posts @girlboss

A professional network for women, GirlBoss was founded by Sophia Amoruso of clothing line, Nasty Gal. Confidence, self-worth and ambition are the key themes.

For the next generation @amypoehlerssmartgirls

 What’s not to love about Amy Poehler? The Hollywood actress and comic has set up Smart Girls to deliver support to young girls in a funny but informative way. Not just for youngsters, its model celebrates intelligence and originality. Farewell, imposter syndrome.


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You matter. ✅ Your contributions matter. ✅ You are not here randomly. ✅ @jaimiewoo on tackling imposter syndrome! ❤️?❤️ : Jaimie worked to advance policies on healthcare and violence against women in Vice President Biden’s office. She is a coauthor of the @nytimes bestseller “Yes She Can: 10 Stories of Hope & Change from Young Female Staffers of the Obama White House.” Link in bio. ?? : : : : : : : : : : : #yesshecan #rolemodels #mentor #ya #youngadultbooks #youngadult #book #books #bookstagram #publicpolicy #service #empoweredwomen #empower #education #inspire #inspiration #wednesdaywisdom #wednesdaymotivation #motivation #domesticviolence #careforothers #impostersyndrome

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And of course… for all of the above and more @officialtgiof

We too aim to deliver a daily dose of motivation. At our This Girl Is On Fire platform, founded by Andrea McLean, you’ll find inspirational content on everything from health and well-being, to work, family and lifestyle. Because life is hectic and good health is everything.


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Find out how to make like @madonna and seize that confidence! You’ve got it in you, you know it! ? Link in bio #tgiof #confidentwomen #strongwomen #lifestyle

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