11 sneaky ways to get exercise into your day

Let’s face it, we’re all busy and sometimes way too busy to even fit a 7-minute HIT class into our schedules. When time is against you, the best thing is to incorporate fitness into your everyday life. While it won’t get you fit for an Olympic sprint, it will help you feel better and help you tone up at the same time.

1 Work out as soon as you wake up. Keep your yoga mat in your bedroom and do a 15-minute Sun Salutation. Or have your weights in the kitchen and do a quick arm workout before breakfast. Hell, if you’re super lazy you can even do bridges and sit-ups in your bed! Some research shows that you’re more likely to stick to healthy habits if you do them first thing as well.

2 Use dead time. While brushing your teeth or waiting for the kettle to boil to do some squats or other stationary exercises.

Andrea even keeps a special band in her bathroom so she can maximise her exercise time in the morning. As Andrea says, do this and you can feel that little bit smug that you’ve done all your exercising while brushing your teeth!

3 Force yourself to move! Get off your bus two stops earlier, park your car in the street away from your office, take the stairs instead of the lift. It’s an oldie but goodie for a reason – it works.

4 Make your meet ups with mates more active. Go for a walk by the river (and yes, check out that gorgeous looking pub on the way). Book a badminton court. Join a netball team. It’s been shown that when you make exercise more social, you’re more likely to stick to it – plus you still get to have a good goss.

5 Watch TV on a fitness ball. These are great for a variety of exercises from sit-ups to squats. Work out every night while you watch your favourite soap and you’ll have buns of steel in no time!

6 Play with the kids. Join in that football game, go on a bike ride or go swimming. Keeping active with your kids ticks two boxes – keeping fit and keeping them out of trouble, which is always a winner when you’re short on time.

7 Clean the house. A little bit of light dusting isn’t going to do anything for your abs, but running up and down the stairs, squatting while you dust the skirting boards and hoovering with your vacuum on maximum suction will soon get you glistening!

8 Love chatting on the phone? Do it while you’re walking around. You can still chat in the privacy of your own home, but make sure you’re moving the whole time. Before you know it, you’ll have walked for a good 45 minutes without even noticing it.

9 Use a basket when you go shopping. Ok this won’t work for a big family shop, but if you’re going to pick a few things up, ditch the trolley. Swap arms regularly and you’ll be surprised at the workout they’ll get!

10 Keep your exercise equipment in view. If those weights or skipping rope are hidden, chances are you’ll never use them. If they’re peeking at you from under the TV, you’re more likely to pull a few bicep curls while you catch up on your favourite show.

11 Use the bathroom on a different floor. Whether at work or home, if you have to climb stairs every time you need a wee, you’ll soon be adding a few minutes here and there to your fitness plan.

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