14 quotes to help give you a burst of motivation

We all have those days when we’d rather hide under the duvet than confront the world. Those days are when you need an extra burst of motivation to get up, kick arse and reach your goals.

With that in mind, we’ve gathered together some of our most favourite motivating quotes that always help boost us when we’re struggling. Whether you need some motivation to hit the gym or you’re going through a bit of a bad patch, bookmark these quotes to give you a little boost right now.

Yaass, Oprah!. If anyone knows about self-esteem it’s the Queen of American TV – and we’re sure she definitely only follows her own path.

Taken from The Twits, this quote from Roald Dhal just fill us with happiness! And it’s true, beauty really does come from the inside.

This is pretty much our mantra here at This Girl Is On Fire! We want to help all of you not just live your best life but to also thrive in it as well.

We love this advice from Steven Hawking. So often in life, we just muddle along, lurching from one thing to another. Stop! Ask questions, find things you’re interested in. We guarantee you’ll find a new lease of life.

In a world full of chatter and opinions, sometimes it can be hard to find your own path, but Coco Chanel knew the power of sticking to your own thoughts. Chanel would never have become the fashion powerhouse it is today without her original thinking and designs.

Author C S Lewis not only wrote amazing novels, but he also spoke some good truths as well. Don’t give up because of your age – keep reaching for those goals every single day of your life. It keeps you young at heart!

It’s easy to moan or feel defeated when bad things happen to us, but this is when it’s time to dig deep and find that extra bit of courage and positivity. C’mon, you can do it!

We’ve always said that believing you can do something is the hardest part of starting anything. So whether it’s losing weight, getting fitter or finding a new job, believe you can and you will.

She’s one of our biggest idols here at TGIOF towers. Her book Becoming has become our bible – and her positive attitude is just so infectious.

As a young child, Helen Keller caught an illness that led to her becoming permanently deaf and blind. This didn’t stop her becoming a great speaker, author and political activist.

She’s possible one of the chicest movie stars ever and her infamous impossible quote is still one of our favourites that we turn to in those tougher times.

Who would have thought that cute honey-loving bear could come up with something as profound as this? He’s right though.

OMG, could we love Adele any more? Her songs are classics and then she comes out with quotes like this that are so very true.

Anyone who has lyrics like ‘Don’t be fooled by the rocks that I got, I’m still, I’m still Jenny from the block’ is a poet in our books! And this quote is just so spot on – it’s our current mantra.

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  1. When life takes an unexpected turn
    In a way you feel isnt what you signed up for
    Open your arms, welcome it in, like a friend who has lost her way.
    Then together, you will get through it

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