3 ways to live abundantly

3 ways to live abundantly in today’s climate

As we all ‘feel’ into our new normal, you might be feeling anxious about job loss, furlough, or revenue decreases – or all together closing – if you’re a business owner. It’s true: there will be continued changes in the economy. 

What’s also true however, is that the economy shifts based on the beliefs and actions of people. That means you and me. That means you have not only the ability to influence the economy positively by choosing to become your own economy. 

Through every economic downturn in history there have been outliers who’ve thrived, not by taking advantage of those who were suffering, but by turning constriction into opportunity and betterment for all. 

Disney was launched at the height of the Great Depression. General Electric hit its stride during the Panic of 1893, and Netflix introduced its streaming services in 2008 during the recession in response to video stores closing, setting it up to become the giant it is today. 

Watching the news and waiting for things to change is not going to be your path to financial success during these times or any time in the future. Lamenting about how the government and world leaders should do something ain’t gonna do it. Scanning the headlines and feeling anxious ain’t gonna do it. If you wait for someone else so that you can live the life you want, you might be waiting forever. 

So, how do you become your own economy so you can not only secure your financial wellbeing today, but also uplift the financial lives of the people you touch? 

3 steps to uplift your finances 

1 Change your mind

Decide that you’re no longer waiting for the economy to shift to have the kind of prosperity and lifestyle you desire. This simple act will have you notice opportunities that you would have missed while complaining about “how things are.”

2 Open your heart

When we open our hearts to ourselves and begin to see our own value, we are able to share that value with the world. Contributing our gifts to the world and receiving in exchange for it is part of being the change.

3 Take action

The smartest way of being your own economy is to start your own business so that you’re in control of how much you can earn. You don’t have to go and quit your job and torch your bridges. Start something on the side and nurture it.

The moral of the story

Don’t sit around waiting for someone else to make a change!

Don’t forget, the more abundance you create, the more you can become a source of abundance for others. When we’re in charge of what we can earn, we get to be in charge of how much we can give.

The economy is made up of the decisions and actions of billions of people. You may feel tiny in a sea of billions, but I promise you, your choices matter.

Mark Zuckerberg’s decision to create Facebook changed the economy. He was one guy. 

Jeff Bezos’ creation of Amazon changed the way we do commerce. 

The guys who invented the ability to accept credit cards on the internet changed the face of business forever.

The economy moves because people like you and I start thinking and acting differently.

If you want to live a life of choice and create more opportunities for others to do the same, start by choosing to become your own economy.

Kate Northrup is the bestselling author of Money: A Love Story and creator of The Money Love Course, which has helped over 5,000 students pay off debt and create abundance

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