Top DIY beauty hacks to do at home

5 DIY beauty hacks you’ve been searching for

Lockdown has forced us ladies into a right quandary. Overgrown fringes, acrylic nails just about hanging on, roots coming through thick and fast… There’s a whole other crisis happening behind closed doors – a beauty one.

It will come as no surprise then that the number of Google searches for DIY beauty treatments has not only doubled, but quadrupled since this time last year, with over a million related queries.

Online beauty site Cult Beauty, who took a deeper dive into Google searches, discovered that phrases such as ‘how to cut your own hair’ or ‘how to make a DIY face mask’ have become super popular.

Everyone is being forced to go DIY, however, while there are some things that probably should be left to the professionals (bleaching and full-on haircut, perhaps), there are some beauty treats that are easier than you think.

1. Dye it yourself

Not surprisingly, ‘how to dye your hair at home’ has been one of the most popular Google searches since lockdown – over 2 billion!

While it’s probably best to leave extreme hair colouring, like bleaching or going a totally different shade, until the salons reopen, touching up your grey or using a fun colour to try and help those roots is pretty easy to do.

And even our CEO Andrea McLean has been at it. “Before lockdown, my teenage son would never have let me anywhere NEAR his hair. He barely shaved, and me mentioning his straggly caveman locks didn’t make a jot of difference. So the idea that I would end up dyeing his hair not once, or twice, but three times since hairdressers and barbers shut up shop was beyond belief.

The first time I dyed it (post-box red if you’re wondering) we did it for a bit of family bonding time – I also dyed Nick’s hair blonde, which he decided was infinitely more fun. I’ve cut everyone’s hair at least twice – again something I never would have done! It was fun when we didn’t think anyone else would see it, but now it’s become a necessity, has given me a frisson of nerves… But I’ve enjoyed learning how to do it and Nick has even said he’d be happy for me to carry on once life goes back to normal. Will Fin let me anywhere near him again? Time will tell, all I need to do is figure out how to cut the back of my own and I could save myself a fortune!”

Now is also a great time, to give your hair a little TLC


2. The cutting crew

Your hair is a straggly mop, you can’t see from under your fringe… What’s a girl to do other than to pick up the scissors and get hacking. However, one word of warning, while fringes are OK to do, be careful before you start cutting your own hair. The back definitely needs a helping hand!

Our Head of Content, Jayne, has cut her fringe twice during lockdown.

“I wouldn’t dare cut anything else, but my fringe was driving me mad. Yes, I could have let it grow up it covers up my rather large forehead, which I prefer keeping under cover.

The key to trimming your fringe is to do less than you think. Also, you cut vertically, rather than horizontally, making small snips rather than large, scary cuts. This video, below, really helped. And even my hairdresser said it looked like I’d done a good job!’

3. Nailed it!

Acrylic nails hanging on by a thread? You’re not alone – there’s been a 129% rise in people searching for this. The key is ensuring you soak them – this video below is a great step-by-step.

Once you’ve removed them, it’s time to show them nails a little TLC. A good cuticle serum or oil is your friend and there are even some special manicure gloves that help keeps hands and nails strong.


4. Over the brow

For some people, they never give a second thought to their brows, for others, it’s their everything. While it’s probably better not to try threading your eyebrows at home – where do you even start to learn that – there are other things that you can do.

Once again, our Head of Content, Jayne has been beauty DIYing, but this time her brows!

‘I have very fair eyebrows, so I’ve been having them tinted and either threaded or waxed for years now. While I’m not even attempting to thread my brows, I am happy to dye them. Eyelure do a really easy-to-use kit. My advice is that it can be built up so if you’re unsure, don’t leave it on for too long the first time. I now dye my eyebrows before I pluck them with Donna May of London eyebrow kit and I can actually see what I’m doing. It’s amazing how having groomed brows can make you look and feel so much more together, something that’s very much needed for all the Zoom calls I’ve been having!”


5. The mask

It seems that lockdown is bringing out the DIY spirit in us all, as searches for DIY face masks have soared by 233% during lockdown!

Obviously, if you’re a time-poor home-schooling parent or a knackered keyworker, you might just prefer to order one over the web. We tested some and these our favourites to save you the fuss!

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