How to create an easy-to-wear summer wardrobe

5 easy summer wardrobe styles for 2020

As the temperature rises, it’s time to think about your summer wardrobe. Summer is a time for ditching those clothes that feel tight and uncomfortable. It’s a time to wear natural fabrics and dresses that swish, especially as we continue with our new ‘mostly from home’ life. 

There’s not such a need to dress up, but there’s every need for comfort. However, at This Girl Is On Fire, we don’t believe that comfort means being slobby, so check out our comfortable clothes that will make the easiest to wear summer wardrobe.

Chuck on dresses

These are those dresses that you literally throw on and forget about. No faffing with wraparounds, no pulling up low cut necklines – you’ll forget you’re wearing these beauties once they’re on, allowing you to get on with teaching improper fractions, while also trying to hold a Zoom conference call, with ease.

The long and short of it

Thankfully those tiny shorts that make it hard to sit down have been consigned to the pile marked 2019. Now there’s no festivals to attend, these longer length Bermuda style shorts are not only more wearable, they’re also a smarter option for when you go on a socially distanced walk with your mates – plus there’s no worry about flashing the cellulite.

Play it cool

As the temperature rises, it’s time to ditch those man-made fabrics and opt for cooler, natural fabrics in your summer wardrobe.

Linen is one of the best fabrics to choose. Not only does it help keep you cool – it’s breathable and helps remove any embarrassing sweat from the body – but it’s also pretty sustainable. The one downside is that it creases easily, but it looks good in a kind of ‘I’ve just sloped in from the Italian Riviera’ kind of way.

Oversized rules

This summer, it’s time to go baggy – or go home… Well, actually we’ve not really left, have we? 

The good news about going for that oversized look is it hides any of those pounds that you may have put on during lockdown! Choose man-size shirts and wear with shorts or opt for oversized dresses for that laid-back look – perfect for any summer wardrobe.

Slide away

It’s not just your clothes that should be easy to put on; when it comes to a summer wardrobe, your shoes should be just as fuss-free – which is why sliders are the top of our list for sunshine footwear. You literally just slide and go, but they look a little more together than your bog-standard flip flop – and go brilliantly with all of the things above! Choose a neutral, go with everything shade, and we guarantee you won’t take them off until autumn.

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