5 secrets to a successful energy boost

5 secrets for a successful energy boost

Our life-force is precious currency, yet many live in energy poverty. We can own expensive bags, cars, watches but we cannot consider ourselves wealthy if we do not own our energy. 

Many people struggle to live a full enjoyable life due to chronic energy deficiency. The problem is widespread despite the increased availability of treatments, supplements, yoga studios; sadly people are still trapped in their exhaustion, continuing to drag their feet trying a vitality promising practice from one to another. Perhaps it’s time to ask if something is wrong with our energy-boosting approach so we can get off the never-ending carousel of energy boost-sabotage-lethargy

“Throughout my 25 years of energy healing, many people have asked me how to boost their energy level, but hardly ever anyone has asked about the prevention of losing it in the first place”

Yet, the upkeep of energy is one of the fundamental pillars of a successful energy boost. Before contemplating ways to increase your energy and vitality, you must, first of all, identify where and how do you waste it. Otherwise, it’s no different to putting money into a pocket with a hole.

It’s important for you to identify the energy ‘thieves’ in your life; don’t be surprised if that thief is actually you! Remember, every time you commit to something that goes against your inner truth, it will rob you of energy.

For example, we often choose to see people socially or keep them as friends even though we’ve grown out of resonance with them. This can be a very expensive habit for our aura. It’s essential that we surround ourselves with people with whom we connect or ‘click’. In short, we need to find our tribe. 

Find your tribe this girl is on fire

In my book “Own Your Energy“, I provide a comprehensive list of the most common “wellness saboteurs”.  For instance, many live in a state of chronic energy deficiency because their quest for wellness is fuelled by the fear of disease or ageing. 

“Fear will prevent you from healing as it’s a very low-frequency emotion that will often attract the very same thing you are fearful of.”

Your motivation for wellness should be a positive one. Choose wellness rather than an escape from suffering.  Instead of being motivated by the statement: ‘I do not want to become ill’, choose ‘I deserve being well. I love the feeling of being well’ or ‘I choose wellness as a natural state for my body’.

Many carry a subconscious belief that they don’t deserve an abundance of energy. They use their energy to prop somebody else up while having accepted their place is in the shadow of somebody else’s light. Your aura will be a forever donor for someone else. It doesn’t matter how much energy you will acquire, it will never be for your own benefit.

During the Covid-19 lockdown a number of people are commenting on how much more relaxed and energized they are feeling by the absence of the fear of missing out (FMO); the need of being seen at the right parties; or at the trendy holiday spots.  Many have realised the extent they have been investing their energy just to impress or please others. ‘Keeping up with the Joneses’ lifestyle carries a very expensive ‘energy price tag’ because your energy is controlled by somebody else’s approval; by some imposed template of expectations of how you should ideally look. I hope the lockdown will wean people off this energy-zapping race to impress.


“Our approach to energy boost must be holistic. We are often unsuccessful in our quest for more energy because we focus only on one area of our being, completely overlooking another. “

Our energy field, the aura, has a multi-layered structure encompassing: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energies. These layers are interconnected and affect one another. In seeking to boost your energy you must simultaneously find a way to lighten up your body, emotions, thoughts and to uplift your spirit.

Take care of your diet. Pay attention to the quality of the food. I do not like deconstructed produce, such as: decaffeinated coffee, fat-free dairy, ‘almost butter’ spreads. I feel these products possess a ‘Frankenstein’ type of energy.  I would always advocate for real and best quality unprocessed food. It’s good to remember that your intuition is one of the most valuable tools in creating an authentic lifestyle and vitality. However, intuition is the first to leave the body when you become toxic. Maintain respect for your body with a good diet so the inner compass of your intuition can navigate you towards the healthy choices.

“Take care of your energy daily not only when you are in the SOS mode!”

Start to improve your energy levels by attending to the channels through which you leak your energy and see how much better you will begin to feel!


  1. One of my tips for protecting your energy during energy vampire’s verbal attack is to slow down the up-flow of your inner energy. To do this, hold your breath or significantly slow down your breathing while the insults are being thrown at you. This will act as metaphysical earplugs for your aura and will prevent energy loss.
  2. Every morning commit to being radiant -look at your eyes in the mirror, put the palm of your dominant hand on your solar plexus and say: I am in charge of how feel and today I choose to glow”.
  3. You attract not only what you wish for yourself but also what you wish for others.
  4. Let go of always having to be right- choose peace over the worthless fight for being a winner in an ego game. It will save you so much energy.
  5. Simplify your life to amplify your energy.
Alla Svirinskaya

Alla Svirinskaya is a medically trained, fifth-generation energy healer who was coached secretly in Soviet Moscow by her mother and is now considered one of the world’s top experts in holistic wellness. She has acted as a senior consultant to leading spas around the world, and counts numerous celebrity and royal clients among the thousands of people she has helped. www.allasvirinskaya.com

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