Immune activating meditation for all the family

We are so happy to be able to offer you two FREE video meditations from Britain’s leading hypnotherapist Marisa Peer, who has gifted these meditations to This Girl Is On Fire community to help us all feel healthier in our mind and our body during this stressful time. 

As we continue to work through life in lockdown, our bodies and minds are having to become accustomed to new ways of behaving, and that can cause a great deal of stress within us. Even as we deal with our everyday needs and challenges, this deeply-buried stress is still there, disrupting our immune system.

In these powerful meditations, Marisa talks you through the simple ways that you can use the power of your own mind to boost your immune system, by showing you how our mind and body works for us when we tell it exactly what we want it to do.

Simple but extremely powerful, both these videos will shift your mind away from draining negativity and promote feelings of positivity and wellness. 

So find a quiet place to just sit and let Marissa take you through her guided meditation:

It’s not just us adults that are struggling through this pandemic. A recent study by charity Young Minds found that 85% of children with an existing mental health condition were struggling to cope.

School, and the routine it brings,  are important coping mechanisms for young people with or without mental health issues. When schools are closed, they lose this anchor, which is where meditation comes in.

This short video will show your children how to use their imagination to destress and boost their immune system.

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