Andrea does yoga

Lots of you have been asking what kind of exercise I do to stay in shape, and also what exercises can help with the menopause. Well, I do a few things, some of them more regularly than others. But if I fall off the fitness wagon with regards to weight training and swimming (the other things I do) this is the one that I stick to… yoga. 

I have done different forms of yoga throughout my life, but as I’ve got older I’ve really felt the benefit of the deep stretching and core strength work that yoga involves. Depending on what kind of yoga I’m doing, it can deeply relax me and stop my stressed and over-anxious mind from racing, or it can invigorate me, making every muscle quiver with effort…

My favourite place in the world is my back porch; it is my oasis of calm in my crazy world. Doing yoga there the morning, once the kids have gone to school and the house is quiet, is the best way to start a day (again). And I do see it as starting again once I have the place to myself, although I am never truly on my own – Jackson the dog likes to stay close by.

I edited this down from half an hour to five minutes, as I figured you’d want a taster of what I do rather than watching the whole thing. It has been speeded up and I’ve cut out the time spent holding each pose. I’ve named each pose too, so you know what they’re called. Err… and when I say ‘I’ have edited it, what I mean is Amy my 11 year-old has edited this for me, with a few flicks and clicks on my phone with her clever fingers. 

I hope you enjoy it! 

Andrea x

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