Back to school, back to you

After a weekend of languid lie-ins, hanging out with friends or enjoying some time with the kids, it can be difficult to feel fresh on 6am on that first morning back. The kids may be heading back to school, (hooray) but many of us this week are heading back to work, that longed-for summer holiday already a distant memory. Bleary eyed and sluggish, trying to turn the shower on and find a clean outfit, rushing to get out the door with the kids, trying to make your hair look half decent whilst stuffing a banana in your handbag as a sorry excuse for a travel breakfast…

It doesn’t have to be like this, if you do just oneof these things, we promise you’ll feel like a goddess in the morning, ready to take on the week ahead. 

Treat yo’self! 

Breakfast doesn’t have to be over complicated. Pick from one these simple combinations that will help you feel energised and ready to go. Eggs are a great one; whip them up with some extra ingredients of your choosing and enjoy a quick, nutritious scrambled egg brekkie. Apples are a great substitute if you hate coffee, with lots of natural sugar you’ll feel perkier in no time. Why not try some Greek yogurt with some muesli, or the millennials breakfast of choice – avocado on toast? Instant energy givers that will keep you satisfied until lunchtime. Taking the time to sit down and eat in the mornings will allow you a few minutes to ready yourself for the day, whether you mull over that team meeting, or silently list the stuff you need to get done before the kids bundle home from school. 

Move that body

I know what you’re thinking, you just WISH you were the sort get up at 4am, glide downstairs in colourful gym wear and bound out the door to enjoy a quick sprint before work. The only people who do this are either incredibly determined (and we commend you) or are already paid professional athletes. That’s ok, by exercise wemean a few rejuvenating stretches in the morning. There’s no need to get your blood pumping to the point of red-faced, sweat-dripping mania, there’s no need to actually get out of your pyjamas. That’s right, you can exercise while you’re still in bedroom – a few morning stretches will get your creaking body into first gear before revving up for the day. Give it a try, we bet you’ll be feeling on top of the world on your next Monday morning.

Turn up the volume! 

Listening to music or an audio book can greatly increase your chances of feeling fresher in the morning, so choose one of your favourite positive beats to give you a push in the right direction. If the rest of your household is asleep, prepare the evening before by putting some headphones by the bed, and plug yourself in when you get up. Some people prefer listening to an audio book, as concentrating on a story can give your sleepy brain the jolt it needs and increase alertness throughout the rest of your day. If music is your thing, you may even fit a groove in while they’re snoozin’ – which counts as EXERCISE, who says you can’t fill two needs with one deed… 

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