How to treat menopausal acne

menopausal acne

Julia Vearncombe, found of skin:genius knows only too well how debilitating acne can be, especially when it hits you in later life. She shares her insights into looking after your menopausal skin. When I was in my teens and twenties, I suffered with breakouts around my nose, mouth and chin – the spots would be […]

How to stop hot flushes and night sweats the natural way

Deal with hot flushes naturally

Founder of Menopoised, Jo Darling, says there is an alternative to HRT when it comes to dealing with the dreaded hot flushes. As a Chinese medicine practitioner specialising in women’s health, particularly women going through menopause – naturally or through cancer treatment, I’m frequently asked how to stop hot flushes or night sweats naturally. It’s […]

The 12 toxic ingredients to avoid in beauty products

the 12 toxic ingredients to avoid in beauty products

When I look at the ingredients in beauty product, I often ask myself: “Would I eat this?” If what we put on our skin, the body’s largest organ, has the potential to end up in our bloodstream, I think it’s an excellent question to be asking. I believe that all-natural beauty products should be the […]