Find your purpose with art

By Justine Van der Weg In today’s masterclass you will learn how to bounce back from feeling ‘Where have I gone?’ or ‘Am I lost?’.  The key to this is understanding how your daily routine influences your thoughts and feelings. You’ll learn how to identify unrealistic expectations of yourself and stop allowing your childhood memories […]

How to be a calm parent

By Sarah Ockwell-Smith Learn to tame your anger, stop the guilt and reduce the stress – to raise calmer, happier children   Sarah Ockwell-Smith is a mum of four teenagers. She initially trained in psychology and after the birth of her first child, she re-trained as an Antenatal Teacher and Doula. Sarah has worked with thousands […]

What are your values? Are you actively living them?

With Alex Hipwell Australian born and bred, Alex Hipwell is a mother, athlete, and mind and body transformer.  Age 21, she left home to pursue a career in dance and choreography and began traveling the world. During this dance career, she began studying fitness and nutrition in order to understand more about the body. However, […]

Understanding Shame

With Jane Dockerill In today’s masterclass on Understanding how shame shapes us, Jane Dockerill talks us through this universal emotion. We discuss: What is shame and how many emotions does it relate to – discussing shame can show itself as anger, loneliness,  jealousy, rejection and abandonment. Understanding this allows growth past pain into a place […]

How to sleep better

With Dr Kat Lederle Dr Kat Lederle is a sleep and body clock specialist, is passionate about helping people sleep well and feel good. She sees sleep as an act of self-care, and her focus is on providing one-to-one sleep therapy to women experiencing insomnia.  In her work she combines a deep understanding of the […]


With Simon Alexander Ong Simon Alexander Ong is an award-winning life coach, a personal development entrepreneur and public speaker. His clients are from all walks of life, but they share one trait; they all believe that the greatest investment you can make is in yourself.  Simon’s passion is helping people work with their energy. As […]

Why Anxiety is Good for You (Even Though it Feels Bad)

With Dr. Tracy Dennis-Tiwary Dr. Tracy Dennis-Tiwary is a professor of psychology and neuroscience and Director of the Emotion Regulation Lab at the City University of New York. In this masterclass Tracy explains how anxiety is a feature of being human. This masterclass looks at how – and why – we should adopt a new […]

The Law of Attraction

By Salarah Starre Salarah Starre is an advanced Law of Attraction coach, qualified in meditation and mindfulness, Reiki, EFT and Life Coaching. Salarah equips people with tools and techniques to navigate through challenges and ultimately come through those challenges triumphantly.  WHAT WILL YOU LEARN IN THE NEXT 30 MINUTES?

Why won’t you let me speak

By Sara Harling Sara Harling is a personal and business coach specialising in helping female executives find their voice in the workplace. WHAT WILL YOU LEARN IN THE NEXT 30 MINUTES? Are you constantly interrupted when you try and speak? Do you find yourself sitting in a room of people and wanting to talk and […]

How to be an organised mum

By Gemma Bray Gemma Bray is a Sunday Times Best Selling author and has revolutionised the way people structure not only the housework but every part of their daily lives. It all began 15 years ago…overwhelmed as a new mother, Gemma’s anxiety manifested itself as over-cleaning and she soon found herself cleaning for hours each […]