Deep sleep meditation

This soothing, calming meditation will help to still your racing mind, sending you into a deep, peaceful and blissful sleep.

Becoming Brave

This meditative visualization has the power to radically transform your thinking around the notion of fear. Using the metaphor of fear as a tiger keeping you trapped inside a cage, you will come to understand that this powerful force can be tamed to walk alongside you.

Full Body Relaxation Meditation

This full body relaxing meditation will help you release tension in every part of your body, as you let go of feelings of tightness caused by stressful over-thinking. By sitting quietly and comfortably for just ten minutes, you will be gently guided through a full body scan, from your feet to the top of your […]

New Beginnings Meditation

New beginnings often start in darkness… from the seed in the ground to the baby in the womb, and for many of us new beginnings come from some of the most challenging, and darkest times in our lives. This is where we grow our strength and our courage – physically, emotionally and energetically.  This gentle […]

Counting Meditation

This gentle counting meditation is perfect for your wandering, over-active brain, and is especially good for those days when you can’t seem to stop thinking. Take ten minutes out during your day to stop, re-centre and calm your mind.

Changing Seasons Meditation

This gentle guided meditation will take you on a journey through your own personal seasons…  Just as the seasons change around us, we can personally welcome the seasons of our life, in our own time. You may be in your own personal Autumn; releasing, letting go, preparing for rest and the new beginnings that follow. […]