Stage 1 – LIVE – Foundation Course


Hello and welcome to the Live, Learn, Thrive Foundation Course.  Like any new type of exercising, even for the mind, you need to warm up first and make sure you are conditioned for success. This is what the Foundation Course is for. Whilst you may feel you are ready to go all in and smash […]

Stage 2 – LEARN – Foundation Course

Introduction Congratulations! Well done on completing Stage 1 of this course, and taking a huge step away from feeling stuck, scared and like you’re just existing rather than truly living. Now that you are in Stage 2, I know you’re feeling nervously excited, ready to change, committed, engaged and really believing that you CAN change. […]

Stage 3 – THRIVE – Foundation Course

Introduction Welcome to Stage 3 of this Foundation Course. You have done so well so far, looking deep into yourself and the reasons you have been thinking and behaving in the way you do, digging into your deepest fears and staring your future self in the face – a scary thought in itself! By now you will […]