Five ways to push through the afternoon slump

Afternoon slump, 3pm-itis, post-lunch coma – whatever you call it – that mid-afternoon moment when your energy levels crash can be tricky, whether you’re in the office, out and about or hanging with the family.

Sleepiness, the desire to eat a big old doughnut or the inability to concentrate are all symptoms of the lull that hits mid-afternoon. The obvious way to beat it is Spanish style with a little siesta but if your boss wouldn’t look so kindly on you napping under your desk, here are some other easy ways to beat it. 

Stay hydrated
When you’re dehydrated, your body becomes less energetic and your brain can’t focus. The recommended intake of water is about two litres. If you really struggle to remember, buy yourself a stylish water bottle, keep it topped up and sip throughout the day. Adding a slice of lemon or a bit of mint can also keep water that little bit more interesting and stop you gravitating towards caffeinated and sugary drinks, which will give you an instant boost, followed by a fairly instant slump!

Switch tasks
Sometimes all it takes is to switch your attention from one task to another is to give our brain a bit of a boost. This is what we tell ourselves when we put on Killing Eve instead of hoovering…

Grab an afternoon snack
Who hasn’t reached for the biscuits come 3pm? While sugar is a natural way to get an energy hit, you may slump right back down as your blood sugar rises sharply and falls again. Instead choose complex carbs for a sustained release of energy, snacks like an apple with peanut butter, crackers with cheese, carrot sticks with houmous or wholegrain cereal with milk will help get you through until dinner time. 

Get moving
Exercise helps boost blood flow to your brain, which can prevent tiredness. If you find you’re continually tired mid-afternoon, schedule a workout at lunch-time, which should give you a good energy boost to get you through the day.

If you don’t have time to hit the gym – and let’s face it, who does? – a ten-minute walk outdoors will refresh you mentally and physically and should stop you feeling sleepy.


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Pop on some bangers
High-octane tunes can really help give you a much-needed boost of afternoon energy.

Tunes that gradually build, getting louder or faster, speed up your heart rate, which improves circulation and makes you feel more energetic.

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