Flower power! The amazing benefits of having flowers in your home

There’s nothing like receiving a gorgeous bunch of flowers – they look gorgeous and smell lovely – but their benefits don’t stop there. In fact, having flowers in your home is so beneficial, we reckon you should dash out today and buy some… or you could enter our competition to win this gorgeous bouquet.

They relieve stress
One study gave a group of women a luxury candle or freshly cut flowers – out of the two, the group who received the flowers reported their stress levels had dropped the most. Another study also found that hospital patients who received flowers were less anxious than those who had no blooms.  

They make you happier at work
A study by Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School discovered that people who had flowers at home were more likely to feel happier and more energetic at work, proving that that flower power feeling stays with you all day!

They improve your creativity
One survey by an American university showed that surrounding yourself with fresh flowers can actually boost your creative powers! 

They boost your memory
We’re not sure how – maybe it’s the smell or the wonder of nature – but one study found that not only did flowers make recipients happier, but they also improved their memory. So, next time you’re studying for a test, perhaps revise surrounded by a sea of flowers?!  

Their colours can affect your mood positively
Our response to colours is intuitive and emotional – having the right colour flowers can give you a specific boost, so choose wisely… 

Blue – calming

Red – excitement

Pink – kindness

Yellow – energy

White – peacefulness

Orange – enthusiasm

Purple – sensuous

Give a bunch
Once you’ve bought some flowers for yourself, why not give a bunch to a friend? One study showed that giving and receiving flowers creates intimate connections, building positive relationships between family and friends.

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