Four apps to help make you happier

Technology is often perceived as something that while making life easier is also making us unhappier. Excessive use of mobiles can interrupt that essential face-to-face contact, while social media apps can make us feel less of our lives. However, there are some benefits to owning a smart phone and that’s the multitude of apps available.

There are many self-improvement and mood-boosting apps out there, so if you fancy getting a happiness boost from your mobile, why not download one of these apps? 

This app is a great place to start on your mood improvement journey. By using fun games and activities, it promises to increase happiness, learn life-changing habits and reduce stress. 

Even though the activities are easy to do and fun, they work on stopping negative thoughts, building optimism and mindfulness, while gaining confidence.

What we liked: You can choose a ‘track’ to be on whether that’s conquering negative thoughts or feeling less overwhelmed as a working parent, so it can be really tailored towards your current situation. You can also spend as long or as little as time allows so it’s easy to interact with the app daily, which in turn allows you to boost your mood and change your attitude easier.

If you’re looking to gain healthy habits into your life, this is the app for you. Most successful, happy people achieve their goals by building rituals into their lives and Fabulous aims to help you do that as well, with a series of reminders, activities and rewards. As the app creators themselves say, it helps users by ‘summing up tiny habits into profound long-term changes’, so whether it’s weight loss, better sleep or improving your concentration, they promise they can help.

What we liked: The interface is nice and cheerful, which immediately makes your feel positive about making changes. Every ‘journey’ you start comes with plenty of reminders, which we found really helpful. For example, when you start the morning routine, you’re prompted to drink water every morning. After 15 days of doing that routine, we’ve started to feel much better. It also became more of a habit and something we find ourselves just doing now, so it’s definitely worked for us!

Grateful: A Gratitude Journal
It’s been scientifically proven that writing down the things you are grateful for 21 days in a row increases your level of optimism.

While there’s nothing simpler than picking up a pen and paper, this app helps with the process by providing prompts such as ‘what made you smile today?’ and obviously reminds you to fill it in daily.

What we liked: It’s super easy to do this wherever you are, plus the prompts make you think a bit more. You can also add photos to your daily journal, which really helps visualise those things you’re grateful for.

On down days, it’s great that you can look back over everything in the past that has made you smile. A definite mood lifter!

There has been much research to show that daily meditation can improve your mood. It does this by relieving anxiety, improving focus and stopping that mental chatter that can drive you mad! There are plenty of great meditation apps out there, but a lot of them do charge a monthly fee. Oak is not only free but also super simple to use. You can choose what kind of meditation you want from beginners to helping you sleep and then personalise it by choosing the voice, background noise and length.

What we liked: Apart from the fact it’s free, this is a really great way to learn how to meditate as every session is guided. You can also track your progress – you earn certain badges as you go which gives you a little more incentive to practice daily. The app also sends you reminders to practice alongside inspirational quotes, which makes it easy to get started and carry it on a daily habit.

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