Give back: Random acts of kindness challenge

Being kind is a trait that is often overlooked in our modern world, with qualities such as ambition and confidence being seen as something to aspire to. However, here at This Girl Is On Fire, we love a bit of kindness. Not only does it make someone else feel great, it’s scientifically proven to make you feel pretty darn good as well!

The benefits of being kind

As well as releasing feel-good hormones, being kind has proven to make people less anxious, reduce stress and make you live longer. If that’s inspired you to be a bit kinder, why not take our daily challenge?

Day 1: Pay a compliment

Message three friends and let them know why you like them and how much you appreciate them. Or perhaps tell that stranger you’ve just passed how much you love their shoes? It may seem small but giving a genuine compliment will not only make them feel special, but it can also help boost your own self-confidence.

Day 2: Offer your help

Whether it’s helping a struggling mum with a buggy, giving up your seat on a bus or taking round a meal to a friend who’s struggling at the moment, offering your time and energy to someone can make all the difference.

Day 3: Look after your local area

Pick up some litter, report that fly-tipping, volunteer with a local community garden – anything you can do to improve your local area will help everyone’s mental attitude towards where they live, including yours!

Day 4: Donate

We don’t just mean money – time is also a great thing to donate. Perhaps sponsor a friend who’s training for a marathon? Or offer to babysit their little one so they can get more training in? Take some food to a food bank or donate old coats to a homeless shelter. There are so many ways you can involved – find some volunteer schemes near you.

Volunteering is a great way to feel a connection to your local community and is also good for your mind and body – especially if you’re doing something like gardening!

Day 5: Slow down

Let someone into your motorway lane, open the door for someone, hold the lift. We’re often so busy trying to get somewhere that we can forget about the other people also battling to get to their destination. We love to believe in karma here at TGIOF towers, so remember, what goes around, comes around – and that might mean someone letting you ahead of them in a queue when you’re super busy one day!

Day 6: Leave a surprise note

Whether you tuck it into a library book or leave it on a supermarket shelf, why not write a happy note for someone else to find? Words are so powerful so find an inspirational quote or a poem or song lyric that means something to you and then imagine the joy of that stranger finding a note where they didn’t expect it.

Day 7: Don’t forget yourself

Showing yourself a little bit of self-care in this crazy world is as important as being kind to others. If you need help with that – and let’s be honest, we probably all do – why not take part in our self-care challenge?

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