Healthy recipe: Thai seabass & king prawns

This is the easiest recipe out of all the gut cleanse ones we have posted and uses some of the Thai butternut squash soup which we showed you a couple of weeks ago.

You just need a couple of bits of fish (we’ve used seabass) and some uncooked king prawns – you can use cooked but they don’t tase as nice in our opinion.

With the fish, place them individually on a pice of square tin foil, oil the foil so the fish doesn’t stick. Add the prawns and then spoon on the Thai butternut squash soup covering the fish. Note that the more soup you use the more cooking time it will need.

Fold the fish, prawns and soup into a parcel then put them on tray and into a preheated oven at 180 degrees (160 degrees fan assisted) for 13-15 minutes – longer if you’ve added a lot of cold soup! Check that the fish and prawns are cooked through before serving with some stem broccoli.

This is such a healthy dinner and prepared and cooked in 20 minutes… enjoy

Love Nick xx

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