How to make fine hair look thicker

Whether it’s the menopause, getting older or just that you have mega fine hair, it can be frustrating trying to give oomph to hair when it just wants to be as flat as a really flat pancake. However, there are some little cheats out there that put the ‘ouf’ into bouffant!

1. Mouse it up: Yep, it feels like an ‘80s throwback but for those of us with fine hair, mousse is a godsend! Use an egg side dollop and work throughout your entire hair and then blow dry.

2. Get hair extensions: These don’t have to be some epic footballer’s wife affair – having a few hair extensions put in will help your hair look thicker. Hey if it’s good enough for our Andrea…


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3. Use dry shampoo: Even when your hair is clean, dry shampoo is great sprayed onto roots to give them height. Another of our favourite cheats is a root thickening powder – try Powder Pouf Volumising Powder, £6, Umberto Giannini. Just sprinkle on your roots, rub through with your hands and voila, instant volume.

4. Ditch the comb: At least when blow drying. Raking your fingers through your hair will help create that extra fullness, while pulling the hair upwards as you dry will also give roots some lift. For a real volume blast, turn your hair upside down, and give it a blast of heat. Wait for it to dry, flip it back over and finger comb it into your style.

5. Get backcombing: This isn’t something you want to do to hair every day, but for special occasions, a little bit of teasing with a wide-toothed comb will work wonders. Backcomb under your top layer, secure with hairspray and then smooth the top layer over. Voila! Volume that Bet Lynch would covet.

6. Switch your parting: If you have a side parting, try switching it to the other side every so often for a little bit of instant oomph.

 7. Do it with colour: Hairdressers can work magic with colour. Darker shades add volume so if you’ve got fair hair go for some balayage to give hair some depth. The same goes for haircuts – a blunter cut is always a good way of making your hair look instantly fuller. 

8. Get the right shampoo: Use a thickening shampoo and conditioner like those in the Kerastase Densifique range – this contains Hyaluronic Acid for plumper, stronger hair.

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