Leading yourself through turbulent times

What the world needs now more than ever is people willing to keep shining their light to lead the way for others, even when it’s hard.

I strongly believe that with every desire you have for your life, you are also given the path to make it happen.  The path has always been there, the question is: “Do you choose to walk it every day?”

For many of us, at the start of a new journey there is excitement, hope and eagerness to move forward.  But what happens when that path takes an unexpected turn; perhaps something in your personal life that wasn’t predicted, or an uncontrollable storm hits and your outside world is shaken to the core – such as in the current environment.

When things go wrong

What do you do when things don’t work out as planned? Do you take it as evidence that you are on the wrong path or your timing is wrong, so you turn back turn to go home where it is safe? Are you telling yourself that people are not investing, or it won’t work out?

Are you afraid? If so, that’s good, because it’s real. Anyone that tells you they are fearless is sitting in their comfort zone with no intention of moving forward to bigger dreams and destinations! The truth is, you can either walk ahead with your fear or walk away with your fear; it’s always going to be with you. So you might as well pick it up and move forward with it.

When you see people up ahead on a similar path, do you tell yourself: “They are way in front of me, so I can’t do it now” or “it works for them, but it won’t work for me.”


  • What if the people up ahead are evidence that the path is there for you to follow too?
  • What if seeing them up ahead offers you a beacon of light to illuminate the way forward?
  • What if their dreams are like your dreams and they are showing you what’s possible and that you are heading in the right direction?
  • What if there are people further behind on the same path who need you to be their beacon?

What’s your mission?

When you are blessed with the gift to lead, don’t waste it – remember, true leadership is the ability to lead yourself first. If you have a purpose, mission or passion to help people in the way you know how, now is the time to do it.

If you help people get healthy, do that. Health is our first line of defence.

If you help people with their mindset, do that. There are scared, anxious people who need you.

If you help people make money and grow business, do that. People need security and opportunity right now.

I’ve heard lots of business owners say they are too scared to keep doing their work because they don’t want to be seen to capitalising on their skills when we are in a terrible global crisis. Isn’t it because we are in challenging times that we must keep doing our great work to support others?

True leaders don’t wait for the evidence that it will work out or that they can move without fear.  They choose fear every day and walk with it.  They trust that they will be OK.

Believe in yourself. Trust in your abilities. Use your talents to provide the services that people need. And be the leader that you are looking for – you never know who you are inspiring when you do so.

Emma Forrester (Bond) is a UK based Online Business Strategist and Breakthrough Coach. To get more inspiration from Emma or to learn how to share your gift of leadership click here

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