Life hacks… Scummy Mummies style

Funny, fearless and lovers of lamé catsuits, The Scummy Mummies have their own special kind of parenting advice. If you’ve not heard of them before, the comedy duo host the UK’s no 1 parenting podcast, so we thought who better to share their advice on parenting and life in general.

This is definitely no ordinary advice – and we love them even more for it!

1 Save time in the mornings. Draw your make-up on with a Sharpie! Works especially well for eyebrows.

2 Kid’s trousers too short? No time to get to the shops? Just put them in wellies. Hey presto! Three more months of wear.

3 Upscale lunchtime. Convince your child McDonald’s is called ‘The Farmers’ Market’ for when they’re telling other people where they had lunch.

4 Peckish? Remember, your buggy’s cup holder is exactly the right size for a bag of chips.

5 Ready for the day to be over? Put all the clocks forward two hours and tell the kids it’s time for bed. Nighty night!

>> Listen to the latest episode of The Scummy Mummies podcast

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