Life lessons to learn from your pet

I bet you didn’t know that you’ve got your very own zen master in the form of your furry friend sat there in the corner. Whatever you own – be it a cat, rabbit or dog – your pet has actually got this thing called life pretty much sorted – here’s how…

Live in the moment

Animals don’t worry about where their next meal is coming from – they just live for now, enjoying whatever is happening at that moment, whether it be a walk in the park or dinner time.

Try it yourself for a day. Just focus on what’s happening there and then and notice how much less stressed you feel while being present.

Follow your instincts

Animals don’t have an education to rely on, they only have their instincts to trust.

If her food doesn’t smell right to her, my Husky cross won’t touch it, regardless of how hungry she is. It’s a good lesson to learn from your pet.

Your gut instinct is often right, but we forget to listen to it or try and rationalise why we should ignore it. Next time you have a decision to make, try and feel it, rather than think it. It’s not as silly as you think. Neuroscientists have long proven that the brain and gut communicate constantly via the vagus nerve, which create so-called gut feelings when a decision is needed.

 Play, play and play some more

The one way to make my dog literally smile is to give her a tennis ball. Seriously, it makes her blummin’ day as she throws it around and then rips it up, bit by bit. Dogs, cats, heck even hamsters, love to play and for good reason too. It makes them feel happy, burns up energy and keeps them fit. Need some inspiration? Check out these ideas on how to add play into your life.

Listen to your body

When my dog wants to nap, she does just that. When she wants food, she lets me know. She does what her body tells her what she needs to do.

While taking a nap mid meeting may not go down well at work, taking cues from your body is something we tend to overlook in our busy days. Eat when you feel hungry. Go to bed when you’re tired, instead of binge-watching shows on Netflix. Your body – and mental health – will thank you for it!

Love unconditionally – and don’t bear grudges

What’s the greatest thing about having a pet? It’s got to be the unconditional love hasn’t it? The way they look at you. The excited greetings when you’ve been gone for a while. The way they sit happily next to you while you fuss them. They don’t even care if you’ve told them off – they soon forget and carry on loving you.

Us humans could take a leaf or two out of their books. If you haven’t told your special people you love them in a while, say it now. And forget all those old grudges – they just make you miserable. Move on and feel happier instantly!

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