Live, learn and thrive with our month of challenges!

Here at TGIOF we don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions. What’s the point of challenging yourself at the most depressing time of the year? A time when you want to stay cuddled up spending time with friends and family eating hearty food. The pressure to change yourself is way too much – so it’s no wonder most people give up resolutions the first week of February.

Instead, we want to inspire you this month to try out some new things. None of our week-long challenges will change your life, but they may well improve it or spur you on to make some adjustments to your life to ensure you’re thriving!

We start next week with a self-love challenge, so come back on Monday – and then each week thereafter for some challenges we hope you’ll enjoy.

Week 1 – The self-love challenge

Week 2 – Ditch the tech challenge

Week 3 – The small steps to health challenge

Week 4 – Random acts of kindness challenge

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