Menopause middle with style

With the menopause comes many changes to us girls’ bodies and with it comes new challenges on the best styles and shapes to dress it. Some of you may have noticed a thickening around your waist, breasts either increasing or decreasing in size or as our temperature seems permanently set to hot the need for more breathable fabrics.

There are so many great items in our high street stores and online but I do know it can be very daunting so here are a few of my ‘top choices’ and my tips on how to dress your changing body shape.

Dressing any body shape is about creating focal points for others to see. The items I have selected for you will be perfect for your summer hols.

I receive most questions about how to dress Thickening around the waist.

Top tips  – Let the garment move around your waist, it can & must still create structure on your torso just not cling to your tummy area. 

Please don’t just get big garments with no shape as this will make you appear larger than you actually are and that we do not want!

When was the last time you had your breasts measured? Are you wearing the right size bra? Having the right sized bra will sit the breasts where they should sit creating space between the base of your bra to your waist. This will make the tummy area appear slimmer. 

Great tops are those that have more fabric to the body area, it actually looks like a ‘wave’ within the fabric.

This is the Esprit Fabric blend top with a retro print, available in sizes XS to XXXL and £29.00. It is 97% Polyester and 3% Elastane 

Buy here

This is the Modern Cowl neck top in Eucolyptus available in Jigsaw and comes in sizes S – L and is £49.00. I hope you can see the movement in the body of the T.shirt.

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How gorgeous is this Split strap Cami top from River Island, the shape is a fit and flare ( fits on the shoulders and comes down in a triangular shape ). Available in sizes 6 – 18 and in numerous colourways. Not bad for £20.00 too!

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Now, in my opinion the dress is the unsung hero and so easy to wear & great for illusionising the tummy area.

The Whistles Luna dress is a cocoon shape and does not look much on the hanger but try it on and you will see why I recommend it.

Various colours and prints this season and I do know the summer styles have gone in the sale for £85.00 so hurry and choose your favourite.

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If you prefer a dress that is more fitted then do have a look at the Ralph Lauren ruched jersey dresses. This is part of their signature style collection, all have the same shape and come in a great range of colours and prints.

Sizes range from 4 – 18 and a good few of them are in the sale at 50% off.

I have selected this print as I wanted you to see how hard it is to see the tummy area as the print is distracting you.

The ruching principle will also work for a swimsuit.

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Lastly, anything high waisted will be your best friend for years to come!

The best way to check a pair of trousers / jeans  / shorts  / bottoms of a bikini if they are high waisted is to hold where the crutch starts and then hold the waistband….there should be a nice depth.

All of these items with 5% of less elastane will enable a comfy fit around your waist, over your tummy and hips.

The Phase Eight Isla crop trousers are amazing, available in a great range of colours, sizes 8 – 18 and in the sale for £45.00 are lovely for the summer months.

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And finally, a pair of jeans that are modern and high waisted are the Salsa. They size by the waist and can be found in ranges 26 to 34 inches.

These jeans are £120.00

Lots of the high street stores carry high waisted now so just choose your favourite ones.

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by Lisa Talbot

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  1. Oh come on…most people wont pay £120 for jeans! That’s enough to make u sweat!..£50 for Jigsaw top….I would..but loads wouldn’t…anything with nylon in is a no no!.nothing clingy…natural fibre is best..cotton, silk or linen….wine gives u a flush too i think….ill suffer that one!

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