New term, new you! 7 classes to try this autumn

Pristine, shiny shoes are lined up at the door and uniforms labelled for the term ahead. As the kids prepare to dive brain-first into phonics, algebra and more, we’re left feeling in need of a new start – and a new class, ourselves. Here’s some inspiration to get you learning once more…

1. Kokedama

Kokedama (or Kokodama) classes are popping up across the UK and getting us all at one with nature. Kokedama is a botanical creation made from a ball of soil and moss, used to create a plant pot. A living plant is then set into the ball, wire used to fasten and it is then hung ready for Instagram snaps galore.

2. Piloxing

It seems not a week goes by without a new fitness craze popping up in our calendar. Piloxing is a fusion of our two favourite workouts, Pilates and boxing. It improves stamina and core strength while giving you a full-body exercise and burning more calories.

3. Crochet

It was one of fashion’s hottest trends for SS19, and now we’re hooked (ahem). Crochet is knitting’s cooler sister and takes form in interiors and fashion. During a five-week course you can learn all about chains and trebles and then amaze your friends with your stitch skills.

4. Foraging

With sustainability and environmental impact a hot topic, it’s no wonder we’re looking past supermarkets and global chains to shop local. Foraging goes one step further and allows you to harvest foods from your surrounding countryside – for free. Courses will teach you how to forage and pick the right foods, how to prepare them and their nutritional values.

5. Calligraphy

When was the last time you took pen to paper and wrote a letter? Do you even remember what your handwriting looks like pre-phones? Calligraphy is making a comeback and the art of beautiful brush strokes is gracing invitations once again. Teach yourself via resources at Amazon or book onto a local course for skills worthy of the letter rack at Downton Abbey.

6. Wabi-Sabi

Upcycling isn’t a new concept, nor is the incredible view of Wabi-sabi. The term itself comes from the Japanese idea of finding beauty in imperfection. “Wabi” refers to the beauty found in unbalanced items, and “sabi” describes the beauty of aging. Wabi-sabi pottery is taking a cracked item and filling the cracks with gold lacquer to give it a new, beautiful image. We love.

7. Anti-gravity Yoga

If you adored The Greatest Showman and are a yogi at heart, this fitness class will combine your two loves while delivering a serious workout. Anti-gravity yoga strengthens the spine and increases flexibility in the body while letting you hang freely from a silk hammock. Pink used the same silk hammock for her performance at the Grammy’s in 2010. And anything Pink can do…


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