Sarah Pittendrigh

Product Partner spotlight – Sarah Pittendrigh

Each week we put the spotlight on one of our Product Partners so they can share their stories and inspiration behind their business. We will also be asking them a few questions around their challenges and successes.

This week we meet Sarah Pittendrigh, an incredibly inspirational woman who shares her story in her ‘I can” method course.  Sarah talks about how she had a thriving business, lost it all and went bankrupt, to then turning it around and become an award wining, multi millionaire business women.

She is a very humble woman who often feels she isn’t good enough, even though the success she has achieved is apparent. We think she rocks and we think you will too.

Meet Sarah…

Like you, I’ve had my fair share of turbulence in my life, (well maybe more than most)! I have experienced first-hand divorce, bankruptcy, being a single mum on income support and I was diagnosed and successfully treated twice for Malignant Melanoma.

Fast forward 10 years and I am at my strongest, I have used each obstacle as a learning curve to gain strength, knowledge and understanding.

I am a multi award winning entrepreneur with a lifestyle business, which I have franchised across the UK and in addition my ex-husband and I remarried and together diversified his family farm into a multi-million- pound property portfolio.

I am not a believer in I can’t. I have never liked to be beaten and have always been determined, but at my lowest point when I knew something had to change, I knew that ‘something’ had to be me. 

Today, my mission is to teach this method to you, for you to use as a tool for your personal growth, or in your business, to help you overcome barriers and self limiting beliefs that are holding you back and to allow you to reconnect with your passion and get back on your purposeful path.

Sarah’s favourite product – 

Our quick Q&A…

1. What was your ‘on fire’ spark that made you start your business?

12 years ago I was a bankrupt single mum on income support. Fast forward and I am a multi award winning entrepreneur.

I receive so many emails and messages from individuals and business owners asking how I managed to turn my life around and would I offer coaching. This inspired me to share my learnings and my story with others and become a personal and business breakthrough coach.

2. What has been your biggest challenge to date and how did you overcome this?

Me, I was my biggest challenge. I suffered from terrible imposter syndrome. Never believed I was good enough, never celebrated my wins. I turned down opportunities because I didn’t think I could deliver, who would want to listen to me?

I have had malignant melanoma twice, this was a real wake up call. I needed to start living and not existing. I had to learn to be kinder to myself and give myself a break. I learned to love myself for who I wanted to be, not who others believed I was or thought I should be. 

3. What has been your proudest moment?

I have been honoured to win a number of National Business Awards. To be recognised and honoured for a business I created from scratch, has made me ever so proud.

4. What advice would you tell yourself if you could go back to the start ?

Love, respect and believe in yourself, the rest will follow.

5. Share a quote about your business or life that you stand by?

Winners never Quit and Quitters never win!

6. What is your favourite product?

My favourite product offering is my go to “I CAN” Method.

When I need to find solutions to problems, take time to think clearly and strategically plan this is my go to strategy and I’m thrilled that this is now available on the TGIOF Marketplace

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