Pucker up with my favourite lipsticks

There are few things in life that I would call absolute necessities.

Air (of course), water (naturally) food (obviously), love (can’t live without it) and… lipstick. Yes, lipstick. I cannot leave the house without it.

I have dozens of lipsticks and lip balms dotted around in handbags, coat pockets and even round the house – I can’t BEAR not having any to hand. I can handle having a pale and pasty face, and not washing my hair, but dry, cracked lips – no, no, no.

So here are my favourites. I have taken a photo of them with the lids off, looking slightly messy just to prove that I really do use them!

This mauve pink shade is perfect for when you
want a pop of colour but nothing too OTT.
Top tip: this shade also looks good dotted on
your cheeks if you run out of blusher!

Team this sheer, creamy pink with a smokey eye
for a night-time look that never dates!

This pearly red lip gloss just screams party. Team with a
flick of eyeliner and you’re done. Unfortunately my
particular gloss – Burning Love – was limited edition
so you may struggle to find it in the shops, however,
have a search on eBay. Alternatively pick up the Nars
lipgloss in Eternal Red, which also packs a punch!

A lipstick by Guerlain adds a touch of glamour
to any makeup bag – especially when it’s their
signature red shade, Rouge Kiss, which is the
ultimate party red.

This is perfect if you don’t really like lipstick!
It’s part lip gloss, part balm so not only feels
super nice on your lips, but also contains amino
acids, which help stimulate collagen, making lips
look fuller. Plus, the shimmery peach
shade is universally flattering for all skin shades.

If you find lip gloss is just too sticky for you,
try this one by Laura Mercier. This one doesn’t
have that tacky gloss feeling and the
sparkly nude is perfect for a night out.

The iconic supermodel Cindy Crawford is the
inspiration behind this gorgeous lipstick and
it’s just the perfect shade to go with a super
shimmery bronze eye. All very 90s!

We love a double duty product! This one by
Studio 10 is particularly brilliant as it gives lips
a nice sheen and cheeks a natural flush, making it a
handbag essential!

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