Relight your fire: How to love your job again

There’s nothing worse than when you hate your job – after all, it’s a place where you spend the majority of your time. But there’s no need to start job hunting just yet, instead, take a look at these top tips to see how you can find passion in your work once more. 

Remember why you used to love it
Write down a list of the things you loved about your job when you first started it. A list is a great starting point – it may help you remember the things you truly love about your job or it may help you rectify anything that’s not quite right. Maybe you’re not doing those elements that you used to love? Or perhaps you’ve moved on and need a new challenge? Take those findings to your manager and see if anything can be improved. 

What’s expected of you…
Do you know what your manager and the company as a whole require from you? Sometimes a hatred of a job stems from the fact you don’t really know what your role is – or that your manager doesn’t know what you’re meant to do. Have a meeting and take time to clarify exactly what is expected of you. A clearly defined role is a lot less stressful than one where you being pushed from pillar to post.

Find a mentor
Having a trusted advisor who sits outside of your team could help you find your spark once more. It could be someone internally or someone in your field outside of where you work, but getting a different perspective on your current situation can be really helpful.

And the same goes for you becoming a mentor. Passing on your love of your profession can really help remind you why you first went into your job.

Is it the job – or the company?
Sometimes we love our actual job but the workplace isn’t right for us. Whether it’s too long a commute, the people you work with or the office culture. Maybe it could be improved if you moved to another team with a different boss? Or perhaps they have another location you could work from?

Are you stressed?
That back-to-work loathing that creeps up on a Sunday night might actually be a signal that you’re just burnt out.

If your job is super stressful and you’re having to work mega long hours, perhaps it’s time to chat to your manager about managing your workload? It could also be a signal that now is the time to have a holiday. Take a break – even if you just stay at home – and then reassess the situation once you’ve gone back feeling refreshed. Get the work/life balance right
All work and no play makes you very dull. If work has dominated your life recently, it’s time to stand back and take some time out for yourself. You’re more than just your job and anyone would struggle to feel happy about going into work without a life outside of it. Make it a rule that you’ll take lunch or leave on time every day. Do this for a while, get some balance back, and you might just find that spark again!

Improve your journey
Nothing is quite as soul-sapping as a ridiculously long commute. Even if you love your job, five days a week of battling commuters for hours on end, is enough to put anyone off their job.

If you have a super long commute via train, ask if you can use it as working time and leave earlier every day. Or perhaps your office will be up for some remote working? Having just one day a week working from home really takes the pressure off and can make the office seem like a much nicer place to go into.

Make it fun
Just like any relationship needs work and effort put into it, so does your relationship with your workplace. Say yes to any after work drinks or team night outs. If your office is super boring, become the social secretary and start organising some fun events – there are bound to be other colleagues who want to have some fun as well. Even if it’s just ‘bring cakes to work on Friday’ adding some light into work will definitely make it more enjoyaable.

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