Seven morning hacks to get out of the house quicker

One child, one dog, a husband who works shifts. Mornings are a serious test of my patience, but they mostly end with me shouting at someone to get a move on. In order to save my voice (and relationships), I’ve tested various hacks to make mornings less like hell. These are the ones that actually worked – most of the time…

Prep the night before

Take a few minutes every evening to do the following and you’ll save yourself some much-needed time in the AM

–       Place keys, bags, dog lead etc next to the front door

–      Make lunch

–      Place travel coffee cups etc by the kettle ready for that morning dose of caffeine

–      Check the weather forecast and sort out your wardrobe for the next day

–      Do any ironing

–       Write down your three most important tasks for the morning

Step away from the screen

Banning phones and TV is the only way I can get the small child to co-operate, but I also found it works wonders for me. Even though I like to get my daily dose of news in the morning, watching it on the TV or reading it on the phone does interfere with me getting out of the house, so now it’s banned!

Ignore the chores

I found this one so hard, but it definitely stops the time-wasting. I was guilty of trying to put a wash on, fill the dishwasher, run the hoover around all before we left in the morning, but now I literally shut the door on it. I do as much as I can in the evenings including filling the washing machine and putting it on a timer for the morning.

Make your wake-up call as positive as you can

One way to stop hitting that snooze button is to make your alarm wake-up as happy as possible. An irritating beep is too easy to turn off, but I defy you not to want to get out of bed as soon as a tune like Crazy In Love or Uptown Funk comes on. Not only do tunes like this get me out of bed, but they also makes me start the day with a smile on my face!

Invest in speedy beauty products

I love anything that makes getting ready in the morning super quick. In my ‘I need to get out of the house now’ kit I have dry shampoo for those days when I don’t have time to wash my hair. Headbands are also my ally in situations like that. When it comes to make up you can’t beat a BB cream, which is easy to slap on, and a multi-use product like Burt’s Bees Aglow Stick, £12.99, which I use on my lips and cheeks to make me look less like death!

Pre-prepare your breakfast

When I don’t have time to eat breakfast at home, I always make a healthy breakfast to take with me. One of my faves is Andrea’s bircher recipe– super tasty and super easy to make and it tastes even better if you’ve made it the night before.

Set a timer

I use a timer to ensure my son gets ready when I need him to do – a beep from Alexa seems to work better than me shouting at him to get dressed. Now, I’ve started using Alexa to help us all leave the house on time, setting an alarm to go off 10-15 minutes before we have to leave. It’s a good reminder that we need to stop faffing and start getting a move on!

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