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Last month we ran a very special campaign. Our #KindnessToMe campaign was our attempt to spread kindness across the web! Kindness runs through everything we do here at This Girl Is On Fire and so we asked a few famous friends about what kindness meant to them. You can watch the full video here

From being honest to going that little bit further, they all shared their definition of kindness and to take the campaign to another level, we also asked you to nominate those that had shown you some kindness, however small.

We were so pleased to get loads of entries, proving to us that kindness is very much alive and kicking. After a very difficult judging session we have our chosen three.

Gabrielle Deane nominated her mum’s best friend Lisa Chick. “Lisa has gone above and beyond for both me and my mum,” explained Gabrielle. “I left primary school with a reading age of a seven-year-old – thankfully Lisa worked extremely hard, taking time out of her own life to help me be able to read and write.” And her kindness didn’t stop there, Lisa also helped Gabrielle’s family when her grandad and uncle passed away and her mum was diagnosed with breast cancer. Lisa said, “She was not only an amazing friend to my mum, she was incredible to me. I will never be able to repay her back for all the things she has done for me and my mum!” Your wish is our command Gabrielle…

Next up on the winner’s list is Dawn Roper, nominated by her friend and colleague Rachel Halstead. They work together in a care home, looking after residents with dementia, however, Dawn also looks after three adults with special needs within her family home. “She has a heart of gold,” said Rachel. “She will do anything to help anyone at any time. She is so selfless, never moans about anything, works night and day to care for others and is one in a million!” She sounds like our kind of woman Rachel!

Our final winner, Abbi Bemrose, was nominated by her mum Caroline Lacey, who suffers from multiple sclerosis. “I had been in hospital for five weeks because my ex-partner had muddled up my drugs,” explained Caroline. “This meant a hospital stay and at the same point, he decided he could not cope with me anymore.” Thankfully her daughter Abbi was there for her. Despite being newly married with 18 month old twins, she and her family moved into Caroline’s bungalow to look after her full-time. And the kindness didn’t stop there. “They sold their home and brought my ex out,” continues Caroline. “Abbi sorted everything so I didn’t have to worry or deal with anything. Abbi is my true angel – her kindness each and every day to look after me is outstanding.” We hear you Caroline – her kindness definitely needs a reward.

Dawn, Lisa and Abbi will all be receiving a specially curated box from our friends at KindBox which will be making its way to you all very shortly. Visit their site to get more details on the products they offer.

A big thank you to everyone that got involved and nominated, also to the nominees, we think you are all amazing.

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