Surviving dry january

Hands up if you’re ditching the booze for January this year? Well you’re not alone – it’s estimated around three million Brits will also be attempting Dry January in 2019, however, only two-thirds will actually complete the whole month dry. We don’t blame them. January is gloomy. January without a G&T is not worth contemplating…

At TGIOF however, we’re definitely glass half full (just with water and nothing stronger mind) types, and you’ve only got to see the stats to realise just how good giving up the booze can make you feel…

–       49% of people who do Dry January lose weight

–       62% sleep better

–       79% of those taking part save money

If those stats aren’t enough to keep you alcohol-free for the month, here are a few tips to help keep you on the straight and sober pathway.

Fool yourself – and others – with a mocktails

Britain has a major pub culture, so unless you become a hermit in January, there may be call to visit a pub during that time, so be prepared. There’s only so much water or fizzy drinks anyone can consume but a nice mocktail feels that little bit more special than an ordinary soft drink, and can also fool those drinking that you are too.

Many bars and restaurants offer virgin cocktails but if they don’t, ask for fizzy water with a little elderflower cordial, lots of ice and some mint. Alternatively pineapple juice mixed with ginger ale is very moreish.

Choose non-alcoholic alternatives
Non-alcoholic drinks have come a long way. When Seedlip launched their no alcohol ‘spirit’, it sold out within three weeks. It’s a really tasty alternative to gin and tastes just as good with tonic water as it does in a cocktail. Buy it now from just £22.95 

If you’re the queen of Prosecco, then you need to try Nosecco, which literally looks and tastes just like the real thing (without the headache the next day). Buy it now from £3.99

Are you struggling now you can’t reach for your evening glass of wine? You know the one you reward yourself with after a hard day – or evening putting the kids to bed? Well you can still enjoy it – minus the alcohol. Non- alcoholic white and rose wines seem to taste better than their red counterparts – especially if you bung them in the fridge for a good couple of hours. Try Morouj Chardonnay for £8.99

Swap the bar for the barre
Yes, we know exercise is nothing like drinking alcohol but now you’ve got all this spare time, why not get fit? Ballet is a great way to tone up and get healthy and have fun and you don’t have to spend hours in a sweaty gym. Check out Sarah Maxwell’s exercises here

Alternatively, arrange to meet friends for a  Zumba or Clubbercise class, have a good boogie and perhaps a (soft) drink afterwards. Cheaper and healthier than a night out in a club but just as much fun – honest!

Reward yourself
Each week when you get through Dry January, reward yourself with a little something. It doesn’t need to be expensive – perhaps a nice new lippie or book – but it will make you feel that little bit special and hopefully urge you on to the next week, and the next…

Good luck – see you in February with a glass of wine…

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