The best face masks for gorgeous skin – whatever your budget

When I was a teenager, I was always trying out new face masks. They promised so much – glowing spot-free skin – and felt like a major pampering treat. Fast-forward 30 or so years and I still have a soft spot for a face mask.

In my busy life, stopping – even for just ten minutes – feels like a real treat, plus my ageing skin reaps the benefits aplenty. With this in mind, I (and Andrea) tested out various face masks to see which ones made us feel truly like a teenager once more!

TruuMe 24k Gold Face Mask, £12.99, Amazon

There’s not a week goes by that I don’t see a celeb peeking out on my Instagram feed wearing a gold face mask. Many are sporting Luzon’s 24K Pure Gold Treatment, but my budget is more gold-plated than pure gold, so I opt for one of Amazon’s best-selling face masks, TruuMe 24K Gold peel off mask, saving myself £262 in the process! Applying it wasn’t as easy – or as glam – as I thought, it was a bit gloopy, however, once on it felt nice on my face and not too drying.

While I didn’t look anything like my beauty idol Chrissy Tiegen, my Face ID on my iPhone still worked, so I couldn’t have looked too bad! The downside is you need at least 30 minutes or more for it to set properly however, once it has, you can peel if off. Is there anything more satisfying? Or am I just weird? While my skin felt super plump immediately after, I was very spotty the next day, but once that cleared up, I definitely saw a difference in my skin texture. Not sure I’ll be posting my selfie to Insta just yet though…

 Spot the difference: Chrissy Tiegen and me! Spot the difference: Chrissy Tiegen and me!

Origins Original Skin Retexturising Mask with Rose Clay, £22

Pink clay seems to be the buzzword in masks at the moment. Australia company Sand & Sky were the originators but Aldi’s dupe is also receiving rave reviews – so much so, I couldn’t lay my hands of a tub of the stuff for love nor money. Instead, I decided to try Origins Clay mask. Not quite the pretty shade of pink that’s flooded my newsfeed, it still promises to reduce pores and give you a radiant glow.

This one goes on really nicely but it did feel super tight on my skin as it dried and I couldn’t leave it on for as long as the instructions said to. Maybe it would be more suited to an oilier complexion than mine. The granulated texture of the mask means your skin gets a nice bit of exfoliation, which left my skin feeling really smooth and taut. I did though feel the need to slather on the moisturiser afterwards as my skin felt super dry. No spots after this one and my husband asked if I’d actually had a good night’s sleep for once, so I guess it did something!

Montagne Jeunesse 7th Heaven Cucumber Peel Off Mask, £1

The cheapest of the bunch, this one still did a pretty good job for just a quid. It took me back to sleepovers in my teen years – perhaps it was the synthetic cucumber smell? The dog gave me a very strange look when I came down the stairs with it on, but it felt really nice and cooling – quite good when you’re peri-menopausal like me and prone to a hot flush or ten each day.

Just as with the gold mask, peeling it off was really satisfying (yes, I don’t get out much) but my top tip is to be super careful of your hairline. It wasn’t so much fun trying to get dried out cucumber goop out of bits of my hair. My skin felt super smooth straight after, but like a lot of these masks, I did make sure I added extra moisture. Overall though, not a bad choice if you’re on a budget and don’t mind scaring any family pets!

Tonymoly I’m avocado sheet mask, £5

I may have found my newest weapon in my arsenal in self care – a Korean sheet mask! Once I put it on, not only did the 9-year-old refuse to look at me, saying I looked like Jason from Friday the 13th, but it’s also virtually impossible to do much apart from lie down and watch a bit of TV while you’re wearing one. This Tony Moly mask is one of the many Korean beauty products I’ve tried in the last year and it didn’t disappoint.

Aside from being a bit tricky to apply – it’s so full of goopy goodness that it’s difficult at first to separate and put on your skin – the smell and feel of it were great. Cooling on the skin, I could literally feel all the benefits seeping into my skin as I lay down relishing my 20 minutes of alone time. Afterwards my skin felt lovely and plumped up and I felt nice and relaxed – well worth a fiver!

I wasn’t the only one to try out masks, Andrea couldn’t wait to join in the mask fun with one of her favourites at the moment.

Exfoliating Treatment Mask, £37, Saira Skin

It’s not often that you try a new face mask and are blown away within the first few seconds, but that’s what happened when I tried Saira’s Exfoliating Treatment Mask.

The box advised using it while lying in a warm bath and covering my face with a flannel. I didn’t have time for a bath, so I decided to try it in the shower instead. I scooped some out and rubbed it onto my dry skin and INSTANTLY it started to warm up which felt lovely. I kept massaging it until my face felt well and truly scrubbed, then left it on while I washed and conditioned my hair, washed my body and shaved my legs.

I had to wipe it out of my eyes a couple of times, but it didn’t sting. Then I rinsed it off and dried myself, and my skin felt warm, clean, tingly and plumped. Right away. My moisturiser and foundation glided on and my skin genuinely glowed. I don’t know what magic potion Saira has put into this mask, but hand on heart it works!

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