Discover the best online courses available now

The best online courses to take you to that next level

During this pandemic, online courses were the only option if you wanted to expand your knowledge or skill-base, however, there’s lot of positives to online learning, which is why their popularity continues post-lockdown life. 

You can take them when it suits you best – some of us are definitely not morning people! – and you can go at your own pace. They’re especially good if you’re juggling working and looking after kids, enabling you to still acquire new skills.

If you’re not self-motivated though, it can be heard to learn this way. The best thing to do is pick a course on something you WANT to learn. It’s much easier to stay motivated with remote learning, when you’re excited to learn about it.

It can also be really useful to block out time in your diary for when you’re going to tackle your online learning as otherwise life can get in the way. So with all that in mind, here’s a selection of the courses we’re loving at the moment…

If you don’t know what you want to learn

Udemy bills itself as the ‘world’s largest selection of courses’ with over 100,000 online video courses. From learning how to code to clowning for money, there really is a course on anything and everything you might want to learn.

Meditation is easy to do at home with a course or an app

If you need to find a little inner calm

If you suffer from anxiety or are just a little more stressed during these unsettled times, These Ten Per Cent is worth every penny. It’s basically a daily meditation coach in your pocket, and features guided meditations to teach you exactly how to relax, as well inspiration from engaging talks and the ability to access your own life coach.

If you want it short and sweet

Most courses that are offered online are a mixture of video and worksheets, but Highbrow is slightly different in that it delivers quick 5-minute daily lessons direct to you via email. With courses on a wide range of topics from improving your relationship to the basics of book-keeping, each course is designed to be digested first thing, over your morning cuppa. It’s great if your life is just too manic and being delivered directly to you inbox means you’re more likely to read and learn.

If you feel stuck

Founded by entrepreneur and personal coach Sarah Pittendrigh, her I CAN course aims to get you out of those ruts – whether that’s personally or professionally. Sarah says: “This course is designed to help you re connect with yourself or your business, reignite your fire, get the clarity to create and nurture an action plan to success.”

If you want to un-tap your creativity potential

Perhaps having a bit more time in lockdown has got your creative juices flowing – if that’s the case then Craft Courses is for you! Whether you’re interested in calligraphy, interior design or making hand sanitiser, we guarantee you’ll find something to fire up your craftiness. Who knows, you may even find a new talent?

Take a nutrition course to learn more about what you eat every dayIf you want to understand what you eat more

There is so much conflicting information out there. Should we eat fats? Or are carbs the enemy? It can be super difficult to know what’s fact and what’s fiction. Which is where the Healthy Eating Doctor comes in with her online courses. She aims to bust those myths and educate you on what healthy eating really looks like. Try her Myth Busting  course if you want to dip your toe into nutrition, or for a more detailed insight, try The Science Behind What You Eat.

If you’re starting your own business

Talented Ladies Club is a female-led organisation that inspires women through articles and online training. Their courses are aimed at those with (or perhaps starting) a small business or freelancers and cover a range of really useful things. You can learn about SEO and why it’s important to your business or learn how to build a successful Twitter account. There are also great courses on manifesting money and how to find your dream job – it’s a definite one to bookmark if creating a successful business is high on your list.

If you fancy being the next Darcy Bussell

Always wanted to know your arabesque from your grand jeté? Then now’s your chance. The Royal Academy Of Dance has now collated a whole raft of ballet classes – for all ages and experience – on their website. What’s more, they are free, so if you’ve ever fancied pirouetting around your living room, now’s your chance!

If you want to take your business online

You may already have your own business, but whether it’s stalling due to the lockdown or you know there is more you can do, Emma Bond’s Online Business Accelerator course could help you. She goes step-by-step through how to bring your business into digital, including creating online courses.

Take a course to help you understand your dog betterIf you want to understand your dog more

We’ve all heard of human psychology, but if you want to understand why your pooch acts the way they do, you might fancy taking this animal psychology course by Stonebridge College. From cat and dog communication to rabbit psychology – yes, really – this course will help you prevent possible psychological issues.

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