Remembering good memories can improve your mental health

The importance of good memories

We are so passionate about how important memories are to every single one of us; they define our journey, and to us especially, they are at the heart of why we started elleroo.

When Row’s mum died, we wanted to find a way to remember all of the special times we had shared, the ones that really made us smile. When we couldn’t find anything to capture our memories, our ideas developed into an amazing journey of designing and creating our own.

A good life is a collection of moments that become happy memories. Very often, life’s events make you realise how important ‘remembering’ is.

The importance of memories by elleroo

Recalling memories of good times can really lift your mood and happiness – and it’s not just us saying this, science backs it up! One recent study showed that remembering positive memories plays an important role in managing stress, preventing depressive symptoms, and boosting our mental health overall.

We’re not the only ones who understand the power of memories. We asked some of our fellow Marketplace Product Partners about the importance of memories and here’s what they came back with…

Life throws us some tough times, but I feel we all become stronger & re-assess our lives with our memories of these experiences for the better.

Gillian Robson, Co-founder and creator of Tancream

My thoughts on memories and mindset is to create them. It’s better to have tried and failed than never to have tried at all

Sarah Pittendrigh, Personal and Business Breakthrough Coach

Everyone has the opportunity to make a difference”. I create home fragrance products to help individuals relax, unwind, and feel uplifted. ⁠ ⁠ Scents and aromas are a great way to bring you comfort through triggering personal, lasting memories and stories. ⁠

Bina Panchal, Creator of ‘bhvna’ London candles and reed diffusers

A university experience is not just one that provides a qualification, but it can be one that opens a whole new world of opportunities, friendships and takes life into a new path. How wonderful it is to capture that moment when you graduate and keep that memory forever. A moment to celebrate all that has been achieved.

Cecilia Pereira-Yates, GB8 consultancy helping parents make post-16 educational choices

We all want to feel good and remembering back to happy moments – especially when the current situation is not so happy – is a proven way to achieve a sense of happiness and a positive mood. This is why we created our personalised jewellery range – to help you commemorate those special moments, from first kisses to special places.

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