The best accessories to wear for zoom calls

The ‘must have’ accessories for your next Zoom call

If you’re working from home, or just socialising with distant friends and families, chances are you’ve already taken part in a fair number of video calls. There’s something inherently weird about looking back at your own face so much, especially with bad lighting and bad roots. It’s nothing however, that a good accessory can’t fix. 

In this case we also recommend you ignore the infamous advice from Coco Chanel of ‘Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off’ because a) you’re not leaving the house anytime soon and b) more is more when it comes to video calls.

And, don’t be afraid of being a bit quirky with your accessory choices either – they can be great conversation starters!

Hair accessories

A good hair accessory can not only make you look more together, but it can also help hide a multitude of hair problems created by not being able to get to your hairdresser. 

Cover up your pesky roots with a large, turban style headband. Use over-sized hair clips to get that over-grown fringe out of your face. Not had time to blow dry your hair before an emergency work Zoom call? Whack it in a ponytail and plop a headband on top for a totally polished look that says ‘I so meant to look like this’…

Statement earrings

If you’re someone who loves to get dressed up, then lockdown is not your friend. it seems wrong to wear your best clothes to the supermarket and let’s be honest, while a pastel suit may be the ultimate in cool this summer, it isn’t  the comfiest thing to wear while working. 

Thankfully there’s something that can dress up even a T-shirt and jeans. Yes, we’re looking at you statement earrings. Go large or go home! Oh yeah, you’re already there…

Colourful necklaces

For necklaces to make an impact on video calls you need to ditch the long, boho pendants. Instead, you’re looking at cool collar necklaces or smaller pendants. The one thing that can help drawn attention away from your dodgy lockdown skin is a super bright necklace.

Rainbow colours will light up the screen and show your support for the NHS, while if you choose the right shade for your skin, it can even take a few years off you. BONUS!

A bright lip

Unless you’re a twenty-something influencer, it seems pointless rocking a full glam makeup look, even if you do have 15 Zoom calls to be on. It doesn’t mean though that you can’t inject a touch of colour and fun into your everyday look. 

A bright slash of lippie can really be your friend, glowing out of the gloom that is the eternal bad lighting of a video call. This is no time to be timid – bright pink and red look great on the screen, make you look younger and will make you feel cheerful.

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