The pro-age makeup tips every woman needs

When it comes to style, I don’t believe in old-fashioned rules on how older women should look. I’ve also banned the word ‘anti-ageing’ from my makeup because we all age and pretending otherwise makes us feel dreadful.

That said, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look fresh and radiant at every age, and there are certain tips and techniques that ensure your makeup looks as flattering as possible as your skin matures.

Here are my top tips to modern, wearable makeup for mature women.

1.     Lighten your base:  There’s an old rule that says that women should wear a heavier base as they age to ensure the skin is suitably covered.  Conversely, I advise women to use the lightest layer of foundation possible, then spot cover areas of discolouration or redness.  This way makeup isn’t sitting in fine lines and skin is left to breathe, looking naturally flawless.

2.     Blush better: Powder pink blush, applied to the apples of the cheeks might be how many of us learned how to apply it, but as we get older it’s the least flattering way.  Instead switch to a peach colour, which is universally flattering and apply in a sweep upwards from the fullest part of the cheekbones towards the temple and blend thoroughly.  Always pick a crème which will last longer and look far more natural.

3.     Define your eyes: So many women tell me they can’t wear eye-makeup as they get older but that’s precisely when we need it.  Using a smudgeable liner, apply as close to the lashes as possible in a tiny circles and smudge gently to create a wider-eyed look.

You can also wear mascara, but you need to prioritise volume over length and be careful with your lower lashes – too much will pull the eye down and make them look heavier.

4.     The right shadows:  Colour can look beautiful on older eyes but use it the right way.  Avoid glitter as it will sit in lines and if you want to go bold, use a liner with nude shadows. 

Pastels and chalky shadows are not always the most flattering, but you can really go to town with richer chocolate and aubergine shades, plus delicious jewel tones to accent your eye area.

5.     Brow wisdom:  I have yet to meet a mature woman who didn’t need to use a brow pencil.  Many of us lose our brows (or over pluck them) so use an ashy colour and stroke in hair, starting at the ends of the brow and working back in. 

Fuller brows look so much more youthful so no hard lines or block brows please.

6.     Lips to love:  Always, always wear a lipliner in a nude tone and unless Barbara Cartland is your thing, give sparkly fuchsias a miss. I’d also suggest avoiding heavy mattes as they’re just not kind on the thinner skin of a mature lip.

You can wear colour but look for lighter formulas either with crème or semi-sheer formulas. My lipliner has a halo added to create an illusion fullness and prevent ‘bleeding’ – it’s a simple trick but it makes a huge difference.

Finally, remember that makeup is fun. There are loads of brilliant how to videos on YouTube (I love Lisa Eldridge) and it can be wiped off.   Try new things and don’t let yourself get stuck in a rut.

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