The sugar babe

A sweetness of life 

Sugar lurks in every shop corner, on every restaurant dessert trolley and it lingers in everyone’s mind. Just think how easily Willy Wonka was able to seduce those unlikeable children into his factory and expose their addictive traits and beastly personalities with the drug we know so well – sugar.

Just because you don’t eat gummy bears or jelly sweets, doesn’t exempt you from being a sugar addict. Sugar is a bit of a monster for the pancreas; it sits on your shoulder and constantly nudges you to make the wrong decisions. It has its claws into many of us and has such a hold that most of us struggle dreadfully to get rid of it. 

If you are unable to take control of your sugar addiction you may start to experience some rather inconvenient signs, such as frequent urination or constant thirst, both of which are caused when your insulin is running low or running out. The pancreas naturally resists change, so if you do have a sugar problem you’ll have to dig deep to make those changes, but this is well within your grasp and you will feel better for it in the long run. 

How to get those sugar cravings under control

The key here is not to swap one source of sugar to a better source of sugar, but to catch the trigger that creates the need for a sugar hit in the first place. Otherwise you just swap one thing for another. 

1.    Drink water upon waking and before every meal. Often we mistake being hungry for being thirsty and usually opt for a quick sugar hit in moments of hunger.

2.    Sugar isn’t necessarily the demon here – it’s the way you process it. A lot of the foods that we associate sugar with are NOT REALLY FOODS. They’re certainly not foods that nourish you, so make sure your sugar hits are from a good quality source. Sweets and chocolate are not good sources!

3.    When you start to feel the urge for sugar, replace it with a completely different response, such as, drinking a glass of water, going for a walk, splashing your face with cold water, star jumps etc.

4.    Make sure your diet has foods that have a root in it and not foods that can be kept on the shefl for eternity. Foods that are from nature have a life-force and are packed full of nutrition that will keep you healthy and satisfied as well as keeping hunger cravings low.

5.    Give your cupboards a spring clean and throw out all the foods that no longer belong in your diet. 

 Hannah Richards

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