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When Nick and I started this website in 2018, it was done with the simple premise of “wanting to help”. After illness led to my full hysterectomy, I wrote a best-selling book which was helping thousands of women feel informed and better about themselves in their middle years, but I didn’t want it to end there – I wanted to keep that information and conversation going. The logical thing to do was to start a website. So, armed with a laptop, a template and lots of helpful friends who wrote about their life experiences, we began…

Within months it became clear that women of all ages were joining the site to look at our great content and soon we had freelance journalists from incredible publications such as Marie Claire and The Telegraph approaching us to offer their services. Our team grew, and the site expanded to cover topics that helped women of every age with their health, mental well-being, careers, love-life – no subject was off-limits because if it concerned women, it concerned us.

We launched our Book Club on Facebook, which has become a hub where women come together to read and discuss books that help them in every way. By choosing books that aren’t a ‘typical’ read, we have introduced our readers to subjects as diverse as speaking in public, overcoming Imposter Syndrome, busting food myths, starting their own business, figuring out how to do anything, and hearing about the incredible life stories of entrepreneur Jo Malone and former SAS soldier Ollie Ollerton.

As a team we work hard to bring you a site that supports and uplifts you, and just like our network of women who have come on board to help us do that, we have also grown. Behind the scenes, we have been focusing on how we can offer you more and are so excited to show you the results.


Some of our amazing Product Partners

From today, we offer you the This Girl Is On Fire Marketplace, which we have put together as a way of ‘empowering women in business and life’.

Every woman on our marketplace has an incredible story to tell about how they started their business. Every single thing we offer has been hand-selected by us, to help you to Live, Learn and Thrive in a life you love. These are our core values, and we are so proud that we have found a way of supporting the women who offer these services by providing them with a platform that is visited by over 75 countries from around the world. Our downloadable courses can be accessed from anywhere, and offer you the opportunity to improve your self-confidence, to start your own online business, to improve your mental well-being. Our products come from female entrepreneurs who are passionate about what they make, and we have chosen them specifically because they will help you in some way – from a make-up bag that saves you valuable time in the morning to a candle that helps you de-stress in the evening.

We are committed to giving opportunities to all women, empowering them in business and life. In the coming months, we will be providing a platform for young female entrepreneurs who need an online outlet for their work, something we are incredibly proud of.

We could never have foreseen that our site which started out with a pure heart and small intentions could have grown alongside the thousands of women whom we have helped… Our mission now is to empower 100 million women around the world to Live, Learn and Thrive in a life they love. We will keep going with this mission and continue to bring you incredible free content and life-changing products, until every girl feels that she is on fire.

With so much love,

Andrea and Nick.

Co-Founders, This Girl Is On Fire.

Andrea, Nick & Teddy

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