Woman in her lounge doing a video workout

Werk it! 3 exclusive video workouts for you

Lockdown, it seems, has turned us into a nation of fitness addicts. Retailer Sports Direct revealed that it sold 218% more pairs of running trainers online during the lockdown than in the same period a year earlier. It seems being trapped in our houses and having a bit more spare time has enabled many of us to fit exercise in our lives more easily, whether through running or video workouts.

So, we thought we would ask some of our fitness faves to create totally exclusive workouts – just for you. They’re good for all fitness levels and promise to help keep you fit and healthy, both in mind and body, so whether you’ve just started to dip your toe in this fitness malarkey or are a pro, we think you’ll enjoy these workouts.

Yoga at home with Mickey Monroe

Aged just 17, Mickey Monroe became a model, appearing on magazine covers all over the world. Now, she’s the founder of cool workout brand, Active Pada and also a qualified yoga teacher.

Yoga is a fabulous exercise to help keep you active and still your mind, making it the perfect exercise for these strange lockdown times. In fact, one worldwide survey by digital health firm Withings found that there’s been a 42% uptake in people doing yoga during lockdown.

This yoga video workout is great for all levels – even if you struggle with knowing the difference between a cobra and a downward dog – so take a deep breath, inhale and get your body moving.

We say: Any workout that starts with a lie down is good in our book!

The ‘feeling joy’ workout with Hannah from Everybody Fitness

Hannah, from Everybody Fitness, is a health first personal trainer, which means she doesn’t believe in exercise purely for weight loss. 

“This isn’t about losing a magical half stone or getting a flat stomach – I want you to feel the joy in exercising,” she says.

Music is also super important to Hannah – she makes personalised playlists for her personal training customers – and she swears by the energising nature of your fave tracks.

Her exclusive video workout for us is good for all levels – you can put more or less energy into it depending on your fitness levels or mood. It utilises all the things you have at home, so there’s no excuses to get moving and put a smile on your face.

We say: Exercise that fills us with joy is our kind of thing – especially one that uses wine bottles instead of dumbbells!

Stretch, relax and revive with Sarah Maxwell

If working from home at the dining table has caused you ache and pains, this video workout by Sarah Maxwell is for you. It’s also perfect if you’ve been upping the cardio and need to stretch out those tense muscles. It’s only 15 minutes long and involves some stretches to help restore and relax you. Light a candle, play some relaxing music and join in.

Sarah says a lot of her clients are complaining about aches, pains and stresses brought on by lockdown, which is why it’s important to move every day. “The most important thing is to enjoy having this time to concentrate on yourself & have some time out,” advises Sarah.

We say: And relax…. The perfect way to end or start your day.

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