What it means to Live, Learn & Thrive

We all need to learn to LIVE in the life we’ve got. The one we were born into. How do we make the best of what we’re given, and use that to get more? We do that by LEARNING; about ourselves, about what gets our blood pumping and our eyes shining and makes us love what we’re doing so much that we wish the days were longer just so we could keep doing it. And once you learn that, you will THRIVE, and love the life you’re living. Because that’s what it’s all about.

So, what does it mean to Live, Learn and Thrive? You will hear these words a lot at This Girl Is On Fire, so this is what we mean by them and what you will get out of them. 


Features: For life hacks and small wins, plus lifestyle ideas that make day-to-day living more enjoyable, we have Blaire Palmers brilliant piece on working and home-schooling, our advice on how to get a better night’s sleep, and a cheeky look at the animal print fashion that anyone can pull off.

Products: How about a really cool make-up bag designed by a busy working mum that helps you save time in the morning? It’s opened by pulling a drawstring and it spreads out all your make-up on a flat mat with a neat little lip so things don’t roll off the sides. That way you can see at a glance everything you’ve got, grab it, use it, throw it back, and when you’re done – it’s one quick pull to close and you can carry on with your day! We have make-up that glides on in a stroke, a handbag that has a place and a pocket for everything, diffusers that make wherever you are working or living smell divine and prints that make you smile and lift your spirits. Who doesn’t need these?


FeaturesWe are here to boost your personal growth and development, so that you feel invincible. Who wants to learn how to stop procrastinating? We show you the way – right away. Have a look at our nine tips to instantly improve your finances and become a super savvy saver, and a peek at our small life tweaks that will make you feel happier.

Products: We will help you develop with our Life Coach In A Box setting you daily tasks and affirmations to live by. We will send your self-confidence sky-rocketing with a course written by one of our incredible female entrepreneurs. We can also help you boost your business through coaching courses with our experts and help with legal matters in our legal boutique. 


FeaturesWe are here to make you feel the best you can, inside and out. To help you find your happy place, why not try our ‘Love Yourself’ challenge to boost your self-esteem and help you celebrate just how awesome you are? We examine LA’s latest holistic healing mediation that uses the transformative power of sound, plus take a look at the mental health benefits that jotting down in a journal can bring.

Products: This is where you will find beautiful things to put in or on your body to make it feel it’s very best. This is where you will find a yoga course to stretch your body and still your chattering mind. Our healthy eating doctor will teach you about foods to eat to feel your very best.  And we bring you incredible candles and creams to help you relax and unwind, crystals to re-energise and re-charge, and bespoke mediations that are made exclusively for you.

We hope you enjoy what we have to offer.


Andrea xx

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