Why your menopause doesn’t have to be a horror… 

The tips and tricks that will help you survive the menopause in almost one piece

We’re not going to pretend that the menopause is easy – the hot flushes, the sleepless nights, the anxiety… However, the good thing is that lots of women have walked the path before and with that well-trod path comes experience and advice. We quizzed the fabulous This Girl Is On Fire community – as well as some of our experts – for their top tips on how they’ve coped with the menopause.

Exercising more, walking, and I’ve started swimming. Watching what I eat too” Carol

“HRT if you can – and don’t just try one and give up if it doesn’t work. I went from tablets to the Mirena coil and patches and they work much better. Exercise definitely helps as well with the joint pain – low impact cardio is great. Weights are great for strength and Pilates or simple yoga for a good stretch” @gingerwhittz

“When I got hot flushes, thankfully they didn’t last long. I didn’t know what the hell to do, so I just tried to be still, breathe, and hope someone would turn down my internal combustion heater soon!” Bel

“Go to your doctor armed with all the information you can find. I think there are some useful websites and books – Andrea’s is a great resource for women – to understand about the risks and benefits of HRT. There’s also the Menopause Matters website (link to: https://www.menopausematters.co.uk/), which a colleague of mine, Dr Heather Currie, has put together. Also the British Menopause Society has a very good website – https://www.womens-health-concern.org/. If women can get as much information as possible then, when they go to their GP, they will have an advantage and they’ll be able to make a judgment as to how specalist that GP is and how knowledgeable in the field. Some GPs are more interested and a more up-to-date thanothers so it’s a question of shopping around a little bit as well.”

Dr Tina Peers

“A fan in the bedroom and a water spray helped with my hot flushes, but since I’ve been taking Black Cohosh they have almost gone! Thank god as they were unbearable. I was getting between 40-60 a day! Sometimes they would start as if I was having a panic attack. Sometimes it was as if my back and neck were on fire – but weirdly, when in bed having a hot flush, afterwards I would go freezing cold! Don’t know how I would have continued to cope if I hadn’t found Black Cohosh.” Kerry

“My biggest advice is don’t fight it, just accept that it’s happening because anxiety is a huge part of going through the menopause. As women, it’s in-built in us to try and look like we’re coping, like we’re doing OK. We’re programmed to think we need to be on top of everything and amazing at everything, and be the best wife and the best mum all the time. But, actually, taking a moment where you say, “I can’t right now” isn’t weak, it’s really strong.”

Andrea McLean

“It’s really important to keep the dialogue going. We need real life stories and to share successes, trials and tribulations. Menopausal symptoms are real. Early Menopause can be tough but there is hope. Together we can make some inroads, support is key.” @menopausememoirs 

“Tai Chi and no caffeine” Colette

“Our skin reflects what’s happening on in the inside and that’s particularly true with the menopause.  Exfoliation is important during this phase, however there is an increase in the inflammatory factors in the skin, so if we’re too rough with the skin we’re going to go red and inflamed and that can cause all sorts of problems – even lead to scarring and damaging of the skin. Gentle exfoliation with alpha hydroxyl acids and beta hydroxy acids is important. Gycolic acid is also  good, because that gently brings down the glue between the dead skin cells and allows you to exfoliate naturally and that then increases the turnover of skin cells as well.” 

Dr Kahn

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  1. I have been suffering the menopause for about a year. I have been taking 2500mg of sage a day & a miracle, my hot flushes have stopped.

  2. What you do if you don’t want to use her as puts weight on I suffer with hot flushes after 3 years after hysterectomy I exercise and I’m very slim since losing 3 half stone

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