Will today be the day you find love?

If you’re single, 7 July could be the day you find love!

Dating website Match analysed their data on their app activity, monitoring traffic throughout the year, and this year, they think 7 July will be peak dating time.

Just why though is this date the perfect time to find romance? Could it be that summer feels like it’s begun and beer gardens and sunny days conjure up the desire for romance? Sunshine has been proven to boost moods – the sun increases the feel-good hormone serotonin, as well as enhancing vitamin D, which is known to help anxiety levels. Feeling positive definitely means we feel more open about new experiences, including dating!

If you’re up for a little summer romance, make the most of it with these top tips:

  • Choose this time to have a little fun in the sun. Perhaps date those people you wouldn’t normally look at?

  • Embrace your baggage: When you’re dating at a certain age, there will always be baggage on both sides. Embrace yours and don’t let any future date’s baggage put you off.

  • Be truthful in any dating profiles: It’s tempting to shave a few years off your age or lie about what you do for a living, but being dishonest in your profile starts things off on the wrong foot

  • Try lots of different apps: Not all dating apps are equal – try a few out before settling on a couple to concentrate on

  • Make the first move: That bloke you always exchange a smile with on the way to work? Why not talk to him? You may be surprised at the result!

  • Trust your instincts: If you’re gut says no on the first date, it’s probably right.

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