Your best year yet: Stop that inner critic

In the last of the four videos to help you achieve your best year yet, Pete Cohen shows you how to deal with coming up against hurdles and opposition. 

You’ve set your goals and started new habits and you’re deciding to take a different path. “There’s going to be some adversity. You’re going to come up against some opposition – whether it’s your family or the opposition inside yourself,” explains Pete.

While we start off with great intentions, the battle is how to listen to the right you. The one that motivates you and encourages you, rather than the negative, cynical one that thinks you’ll fail.

“I liken that voice to a duck that quacks away and I’ve been helping people for years shut their duck up and get in contact with the part of them that’s driving them forwards,” explains Pete.

And while goals, actions and the way we talk to ourselves is important, being part of a community of like-minded people is equally important. Surround yourself with those that want to achieve similar things.

That’s where comes in. We’re all about community, support and helping people work towards a better them, whether on our website or across our social media networks. So if you’re starting on a new goal this year, share it with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and we’ll all help you get where you want to be.

Focus on what’s important and that motivational voice and take consistent action every single day and you’ll be achieving your best year yet!


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