Your menopause questions answered

We asked our lovely TGIOF community to send us their menopause questions and concerns so we could ask the experts. From itchy skin to worries around HRT, here are the answers to your questions…

First up, let’s meet the experts

Dr Tina Peers
“I’m a consultant in contraception and reproductive health and a menopause specialist. I work at both the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital and at Hormone Health in Harley Street, with Mr Nick Panay, and also at various private clinics in Surrey, including at the Tillow Barn Menopause Clinic.” 

Nick Panay
“I’m a consultant gynaecologist. I work at Queen Charlotte’s Hospital and also at Chelsea and Westminster Hospitals. I’m also director of Hormone Health, which is a private company which I’ve set up. I’m also past Chair of the British Medical Society and General Secretary of the International Medical Society.”

Your questions answered

What can I do about my thinning hair?

Thinning hair can unfortunately go hand-in-hand with the menopause, but thankfully there are ways you can improve the quality of your hair.  

What can I do about these weird burning sensations?

Whether it’s burning feet or burning tongue our specialists reveal how you can help this weird menopause-related symptom

Is itchy skin a common symptom of the menopause?

Is this a real symptom of the menopause? And how can it be treated? Nick Panay reveals all…

Help, I’ve suddenly got spots!

It’s all thanks to your dropping oestrogen levels – cheers, hormones! Here’s what you can do if you’re suddenly suffering from bad skin during your menopause

Can I take HRT if I’ve had cancer?

Nick Panay and Dr Tina Peers chat about the pros and cons of taking HRT when you’ve had cancer or if cancer runs in the family

What type of HRT can I take?

From body identical HRT to trans dermal patches, here are  the different varieties of HRT available to women going through the menopause.

What can I do about my dry nails?

The experts explain why this is an unfortunate side effect of the menopause and what you can do about it.

Can my diet help with the menopause?

Diet can affect your menopausal symptoms how fluctuating blood sugar levels can make you feel worse and why we gain weight during this time of life

The importance of gut health

A healthy gut leads to good mental and overall health. Dr Tina Peers and Nick Panay talk about the importance of having healthy microbiota in your gut during the menopause.

What’s happened to my libido?!

Oh yes, it’s one of the more ‘embarrassing’ side effects of the menopause but why does our sex drive lessen while we go through the menopause, plus what can we do to counteract it.

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7 Responses

    1. I am having success with bio-identical bi-est cream (a combo of estradiol and estriol), bio-identical progesterone cream, and a small amount of Dhea pills.
      I’m two years post surgery and 49.
      Best wishes to you, Tracey.

      Leslie from USA

    1. Hi Karen, Jayne from TGIOF here. This is so common – I am peri-menopausal and I too suffer from this. Having never experienced it prior to this time of life, it really knocked me for six! A low dosage HRT has helped, as has changing my lifestyle – walking outdoors, doing yoga, trying to get enough sleep. If you haven’t already, definitely talk to your GP. Good luck and let us know how you get on!

  1. I am diabetic and my blood sugars have been out of control recently, with more hypos, can this be an affect of the menopause ? and if so where can I find more information please ?

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