Find your purpose with art

By Justine Van der Weg In today’s masterclass you will learn how to bounce back from feeling ‘Where have I gone?’ or ‘Am I lost?’.  The key to this is understanding how your daily routine influences your thoughts and feelings. You’ll learn how to identify unrealistic expectations of yourself and stop allowing your childhood memories […]

Creating a confident you

Confidence… that elusive thing that other people seem to have… That’s how it seems anyway. It can feel like they have been given the secret to feeling great while you are at a loss. In this guide, you will learn that we are all capable of creating our own inner confidence. It won’t look or feel like anyone else’s […]

Why you give up on resolutions

Goals are great. They’re also important, because they give us a sense of direction and something to aim for. Not having them is a bit like driving aimlessly without directions until you run out of petrol and grind to a halt in the middle of nowhere. Which is enough to put anyone off getting in […]

How to be a calm parent

By Sarah Ockwell-Smith Learn to tame your anger, stop the guilt and reduce the stress – to raise calmer, happier children   Sarah Ockwell-Smith is a mum of four teenagers. She initially trained in psychology and after the birth of her first child, she re-trained as an Antenatal Teacher and Doula. Sarah has worked with thousands […]

Deep sleep meditation

This soothing, calming meditation will help to still your racing mind, sending you into a deep, peaceful and blissful sleep.

What are your values? Are you actively living them?

With Alex Hipwell Australian born and bred, Alex Hipwell is a mother, athlete, and mind and body transformer.  Age 21, she left home to pursue a career in dance and choreography and began traveling the world. During this dance career, she began studying fitness and nutrition in order to understand more about the body. However, […]

Why it’s good to talk

So why is it STILL so hard for us to talk about how we really feel sometimes? Whether it’s a hovering black cloud, a bout of the overwhelm or longer-term anxiety or depression, there’s never been a more open, non-judgmental time to talk about mental health, yet the ‘brave face’ stance remains for some of […]

Understanding Shame

With Jane Dockerill In today’s masterclass on Understanding how shame shapes us, Jane Dockerill talks us through this universal emotion. We discuss: What is shame and how many emotions does it relate to – discussing shame can show itself as anger, loneliness,  jealousy, rejection and abandonment. Understanding this allows growth past pain into a place […]

How to sleep better

With Dr Kat Lederle Dr Kat Lederle is a sleep and body clock specialist, is passionate about helping people sleep well and feel good. She sees sleep as an act of self-care, and her focus is on providing one-to-one sleep therapy to women experiencing insomnia.  In her work she combines a deep understanding of the […]

How to be a calm parent

There is no such thing as ‘perfect parenting’ – which comes as a relief to all struggling mums. We spoke to parenting expert and author Sarah Ockwell-Smith who reassured us that it’s OK to lose your temper sometimes. Perfectly normal, in fact. And that it’s not our fault that many of us are stressed-out mums. […]

How to set boundaries and stick to them

If you’ve had a lifetime of people-pleasing, then saying ‘no’ when it comes to friends, family and work can be incredibly tough. A big part of our life experience is dictated by how we allow ourselves to be treated. Much of this is down to self-worth, and the idea of putting our own needs in […]

Four top tips to help you nod off

One in three adults say they suffer from poor quality sleep, and sadly, as we get older, sleep can be harder to come by. Whether it’s new-born babies, a full-on job, or pesky hormones, as we go through life, it can be more challenging to drop off at the end of the day. However, just […]