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with Kirsty Gallagher

Kirsty Gallagher is a moon mentor, soul alignment and transformation coach, yoga teacher and meditation teacher. She has been sharing the life-changing benefits of yoga and the moon for 13 years through classes, workshops, worldwide retreats and through her Sunday Times Best Selling books. She is the founder of the online sisterhood Lunar Living, which teaches you how to weave the secret and ancient wisdom of the moon into modern, everyday life.

Kirsty works alongside women helping them live back in alignment with an ancient cycle, a natural rhythm and flow, and she helps them to connect back into their authenticity and purpose. Weaving lunar wisdom with soul guidance readings, astrology and cutting-edge transformational coaching techniques, Kirsty helps women to overcome doubts, fears and self-sabotage to find a deep inner connection and meaning in life.

Every time we supress or deny our feelings, hold back tears, hide our pain, or don’t express our hurt, we deny ourselves healing and authenticity. In today’s masterclass, Kirsty shows us how to use our emotions as messengers, especially when used in conjunction with an awareness of the lunar cycles. This stops you being thrown around by your emotions and helps you take back conscious control over your own life. 

Download the workbook for this class under the ‘workbook’ tab and use it in conjunction with the video workshop. The points and takeaways listed are to remind you of key messages from each section and give you the opportunity to make your own notes and observations as you work through each part.

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