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If you’ve had a lifetime of people-pleasing, then saying ‘no’ when it comes to friends, family and work can be incredibly tough. A big part of our life experience is dictated by how we allow ourselves to be treated. Much of this is down to self-worth, and the idea of putting our own needs in the forefront is way out of our comfort zones. Particularly as most of us have an innate – and understandable – desire to be liked. Indeed, it’s a confidence thing.

Resetting our internal narrative on people-pleasing is no mean feat. But by using a few tools and taking some tips on board, we can have kinder conversations with ourselves when we make decisions. Boundary-setting is fluid. It doesn’t just lead to always saying ‘no’ to going out with friends if we’re too tired, it’s more about thinking about we need, and we want at that time. And having the strength to listen to what our hearts and bodies are telling us, across all areas of our lives. Let us show you how…

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