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with Cate Sevilla

Cate Sevilla is an author, journalist and consultant who has led editorial teams for some of the world’s largest media and technology companies.

In 2008 she founded the online women’s magazine, BitchBuzz, and worked across various projects with brands and publications, such as Stylist Magazine, Big Brother and

Cate later became one of the founding members of BuzzFeed UK, helping to grow and manage their award-winning editorial team and was later headhunted by Google’s Cultural Institute to lead the editorial strategy for their consumer app, Google Arts & Culture.

She later joined the online lifestyle platform The Pool, as its new editor-in-chief until it closed in early 2019.

Cate’s first book How To Work Without Losing Your Mind is a BIBLE for anyone trying to navigate the tricky waters of employment, because it’s not just packed with advice but also first-hand experiences of HORRENDOUS workplaces, reminding you that whatever you’re going through right now, you are not alone in experiencing it.

Download the workbook for this class under the ‘workbook’ tab for this course and use it in conjunction with the video workshop. The points and takeaways listed are to remind you of key messages from each section and give you the opportunity to make your own notes and observations as you work through each part.

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