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With Alex Hipwell

Australian born and bred, Alex Hipwell is a mother, athlete, and mind and body transformer. 

Age 21, she left home to pursue a career in dance and choreography and began traveling the world. During this dance career, she began studying fitness and nutrition in order to understand more about the body. However, it wasn’t until she had her son in 2010 that she started to try and transform her body – it was farewell to dance and hello to weights.

She set herself a goal to become a bodybuilder – and it’s fair to say she succeeded! She was the International German Body Building Champion 2014, the Arnold Classic champion 2016/2019 and vice World Champion in 2019.

It was also the first time she truly loved her body.

“As a dancer, I felt pressure to conform to being skinny to get the next job or to fit into a costume. Now, I actually look in the mirror and I love my body.”

While she’s loving herself, her fantastically toned body hasn’t always generated such love in the wider world. Her ‘manly’ frame has been criticised, something Hipwell doesn’t take to heart.

“Training, to me, isn’t striving to have a perfect body. It’s how you want to feel.”

Joining forces with Nike as their Global Trainer, she quickly made a name for herself within the fitness industry as one of the leading female fitness trainers.

Alex now runs her own online coaching platform and continues to use her creativity as a fitness consultant and concept creator, building boutique fitness concepts for private studios and hotels.  Expect straight-talking and empathetic home truths to help you live life to the max!


  • What pain points/problems will be resolved?

Rather than continuing to be trapped in ground hog day, you will have the tools to find out what really matters; to open your eyes and hearts to what your values are today – and if you are actively living these values.

  • What will you achieve from this masterclass?

You will learn how to focus on things that matter and create boundaries around these values so you can start to show up for yourself.

  • How will you feel at the end? What will you be able to do?

You will learn the power of the positive NO and have the confidence to ask yourself – ‘does this situation take me where I want to go?’ It can only be a FUCK yes or it´s a NO!


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